A wide variety of resources for everyone from the aspiring to the experienced leader are easily accessible on the web. The range includes reports and articles, tools and self-assessments, useful links, skill development suggestions, personal growth guidelines, explanations of theories and models and more. The material varies widely in terms of cost and quality.

Like the leadership literature, this information is voluminous and challenging to sort through and assess. What is listed here is a limited sample that, hopefully, will prove useful.

Links from organizations that may warrant your interest but are strictly commercial are not included. With that said, there are some sites included that, while commercial, do contain enough useful and free information to warrant inclusion.

This site is user-driven and designed to promote effective, productive and dynamic leadership practices and to provide a place to develop skills and learn from others. Includes lessons learned, article archive, useful links and a leadership blog.

A wide-ranging site with a human resource and developmental orientation. Plenty of information related to leadership - assessments, models with narrative explanations, diagrams, templates, articles, diagnostics, development, skill building, discussion groups, blogs, and more.

A wide and deep collection of materials related to leadership. Very extensive listing of specifically targeted links. One of the most comprehensive sites.

A wide range of resources focused on helping people in their careers. Plenty of free articles, videos, tests, guidelines and more related specifically to leadership.

Formerly the Drucker Foundation. Serves as a broker of intellectual capital, bringing together thought leaders, consultants, and authors in the world with the leaders of social sector voluntary organizations.

Resources to manage yourself and lead others. Topics include self-esteem, assertiveness, time management, motivation, team building and more.

Leadership internet library. The title says it all. Little bit of everything: periodicals, blogs, essays, links, associations and tips.

The site for servant leadership

Focus on how we think about leadership. Dedicated to building a community of leaders, the site contains articles for reflection, a blog and reviews.

We LEAD leadership development site. Articles, book reviews, classic writings, tips, and more.

Assessment tools, quizzes, some free resources related to self-improvement, working relationships, team building and corporate culture.

Variety of tools and resources related to leadership in general as well as specific issues such as planning, teambuilding, sales management and customer service.

Consortium devoted to research on emotional intelligence. Reports, programs, measures, EQ newsletter.

Daniel Goleman's site. Resources, recommended readings, links, blog.

Leadership and the New Science and beyond. Interesting articles and essays with profound implications for leaders.