The Collector of Treasures and Other Botswana Village Tales
“Bessie Head’s short stories have an extraordinary simplicity and breadth of vision,” heralded a review in The Tribune after publication of Head’s first collection of short stories, The Collector of Treasures.

Regarded today as one of Africa’s best-known woman writers in English, Head draws on the rich oral tradition of southern Africa and masterfully applies storytelling’s language and imagery. Carefully sequenced, the anthology gives special focus to village people from independence-era Botswana and the status, position, and plight of African women.
Table of Contents
1. The Deep River: A Story of Ancient Tribal Migration
2. Heaven is not Closed
3. The Village Saint
4. Jacob: The Story of a Faith-Healing Priest
5. Life
6. Witchcraft
7. Looking for a Rain God
8. Kgotla
9. The Wind and a Boy
10. Snapshots of a Wedding
11. The Special One
12. The Collector of Treasures
13. Hunting
Notes for the Reader & Glossary