In the Fog of the Seasons' End
La Guma’s powerful, firsthand account depicts the dedicated South African people who risked their lives in the underground movement against apartheid. The main characters, Beukes and Elias, are among others determined to undermine apartheid’s blatant oppression and demeaning tactics. The author’s knack for rich descriptions and weaving the past with the present transports readers to the grind of working in an underground political organization and the challenges of confronting hardships, change, and injustice on a daily basis.
“A highly engaging, riveting, and suspenseful read into an important faction of the South African underground revolutionaries in their struggle to overthrow the apartheid government.” — Albert Williams-Myers, SUNY New Paltz

“Mr. La Guma writes simply, sensibly avoiding panoramic sweep: in his two previously-observed main characters, Beukes and Elias, one sees reflected all the squalor of the South African city.” — The Listener

“An iron statement of things as they are, with no false comforts offered and the dawn of a very distant hope.” — The Observer

“ . . . humane, careful and very moving; it is propaganda for the truth, a work of art.” — New Statesman