Forthcoming Titles

David E. Barlow and Melissa Hickman Barlow

Police in a Multicultural Society: An American Story, Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3611-3

available late January 2018

Ron Boldenow

Careers in Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries

ISBN 978-1-4786-3625-0

available early May 2018

Timothy Borchers and Heather Hundley

Rhetorical Theory: An Introduction, Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3580-2

available mid-February 2018

Harold E. Burkhart, Thomas Eugene Avery, and Bronson Bullock

Forest Measurements, Sixth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3618-2

available early March 2018

Louis E. Catron and Norman A. Bert

The Elements of Playwriting, Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3597-0

available early December 2017

Joan C. Chrisler and Carla Golden

Lectures on the Psychology of Women, Fifth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3584-0

available early December 2017

J. Warren Evans, Anthony Borton, Harold Hintz, and L. Dale Van Vleck

The Horse, Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3598-7

available late November 2017

Jerry F. Franklin, K. Norman Johnson, and Debora L. Johnson

Ecological Forest Management

ISBN 978-1-4786-3350-1

available mid-December 2017

Philip Gerard

Creative Nonfiction: Researching and Crafting Stories of Real Life, Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3530-7

available late November 2017

Sharon Bohn Gmelch and Adam Kaul

Tourists and Tourism: A Reader, Third Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3622-9

available mid-February 2018

George Gmelch and Petra Kuppinger

Urban Life: Readings in the Anthropology of the City, Sixth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3569-7

available late December 2017

Karla K. Gower

Legal and Ethical Considerations for Public Relations, Third Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3581-9

available early January 2018

Carolyn Brown Heinz and Jeremy Murray

Asian Cultural Traditions, Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3620-5

available early March 2018

Craig E. Johnson and Michael Z. Hackman

Leadership: A Communication Perspective, Seventh Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3502-4

available early December 2017

Bruce D. Leopold

Theory of Wildlife Population Ecology

ISBN 978-1-4786-3064-7

available mid-February 2018

Jana Noel

Developing Multicultural Educators, Third Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3574-1

available late November 2017

William N. Orr and Elizabeth L. Orr

Geology of the Pacific Northwest, Third Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3349-5

available mid-May 2018

Jacqueline Reid

Introduction to Stage Lighting

ISBN 978-1-4786-3349-5

available early January 2018

Colin G. Scanes

Poultry Science, Fifth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3582-6

available mid-March 2018

Randall G. Shelden and Emily Troshynski

Delinquency and Juvenile Justice in American Society, Third Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3487-1

available mid-February 2018

Randall G. Shelden and Pavel V. Vasiliev

Controlling the Dangerous Classes: A History of Criminal Justice in America, Third Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3486-3

available early December 2017

Patricia K. Townsend

Environmental Anthropology: From Pigs to Policies, Third Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3613-7

available late November 2017

Jack W. Travis

Environmental Geology Workbook

ISBN 978-1-4786-0201-9

available early February 2018

Don C. Warrington and W. L. Schroeder

Soils in Construction, Sixth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3619-9

available late April 2018

Terry R. West and Abdul Shakoor

Geology Applied to Engineering, Second Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3500-0

available early January 2018

Gary C. Woodward and Robert E. Denton, Jr.

Persuasion and Influence in American Life, Eighth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3612-0

available mid-February 2018

Kathryn Sue Young and Howard Paul Travis

Oral Communication: Skills, Choices, and Consequences, Fourth Edition

ISBN 978-1-4786-3579-6

available early December 2017