Fiction. Kehinde and her husband Albert had always intended to return to Nigeria. When the opportunity arises, Kehinde realizes she is reluctant to leave London and the independence she has enjoyed there. Albert, longing for the prosperity and status that will be his in Nigeria, is determined not to be thwarted in his plans. He thinks that it is his wife’s duty to obey him and forces her to make terrible choices. Kehinde, plagued with guilt, is led on an unexpected path by the spirit of her dead twin.
"Emecheta's contributions to Nigerian, African and world literature remains outstanding and astounding, leaving a massive canvas of a single woman's resolve to build an empire of stories that touches humanity from different angles." —Association of Nigerian Authors

“Buchi Emecheta is a born writer.” — The Sunday Times

“[Emecheta’s] usual lucidity and . . . lilting yet plain-spoken style.” — Publishers Weekly

“It is very useful for showing the tensions that social change brought to marriage and the family in West Africa, and in providing an example of the self-assertion of educated women in Nigeria and in the expatriate African community in Britain.” — Marshall S. Clough, University of Northern Colorado