An Historical Introduction to American Education:  by Gerald L. Gutek
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An Historical Introduction to American Education
Third Edition
Gutek’s classic volume on the history of American education has been thoroughly revised and updated to provide a twenty-first-century perspective on the development of American educational institutions. Like earlier editions, the well-researched Third Edition employs a topical approach to examine the evolution of key institutions like the common school and the high school, as well as significant movements like progressive education, racial desegregation, and multiculturalism. Primary source readings enhance and reinforce chapter content and feature new writings from Benjamin Rush, Horace Mann, Maria Montessori, W. E. B. Du Bois, John Dewey, and Jane Addams.

Two new chapters add depth to this comprehensive, richly illustrated work. “Immigration, Multiculturalism, and Education” examines the response of public schools to the education of immigrant children in the context of America’s industrialization and urbanization. This compelling addition also looks at the changing demographics of immigration and discusses the experiences and contributions of Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans. “Progressive Education and John Dewey” explores the origins of progressive education, the philosophies of John Dewey and other leading progressive educators, and this movement’s ongoing influence in American classrooms.

The Third Edition’s topical organization lends itself to multiple uses in the classroom. Each chapter provides the historical foundation for the study of a contemporary topic in education, including the organization and structure of schools, the philosophy of education, early childhood education, curriculum and instruction, multicultural and bilingual education, and educational policy.
“Excellent scope and sequence with strong applied and theoretical balance. There is a nice case-based and problems-based connection as well.” — Tony Talbert, Baylor University
Table of Contents
1. Education in the Colonial Era
Native American Culture and Education / European Educational Antecedents / Regional Differences in American Colonial Education / New England / The Southern Colonies / The Middle Atlantic Colonies / Conclusion

2. Education in the Early National Period
Constructing a New Nation / Educational Issues and Theories in the Early Republic / Planning for an American System of Education / Benjamin Franklin on Education / Thomas Jefferson on Education / Benjamin Rush on Education / Noah Webster / Conclusion

3. The American Common School
General Historical Context / Philanthropic Educational Designs / The Debate over Common Schools / Legislation for Common Schools / Horace Mann / Henry Barnard / Common Schools Finally Established / Progressives and Public Education / Conclusion

4. American Secondary Education
The Latin Grammar School / Development of the Academy / Origins of the High School / Commission on Reorganization of Secondary Education / Secondary Education Trends, Issues, and Controversies / Conclusion

5. American Higher Education
Colonial Colleges / Higher Education in the Early National Period / Land-Grant Institutions / Shaping the Modern University / Higher Education's Massive Expansion after World War II / Junior and Community Colleges / Student Activism in the 1960s / Higher Education in the Early Twenty-First Century / Conclusion

6. American Teacher Education
Teachers in the Colonial Period / Teachers in the Early National Period / Preparing Women as Teachers / The Normal School / Developing the Education Profession / Progressive Education and Teacher Preparation / Developments since the 1950s / Conclusion

7. European Theorists and American Education
Jean-Jacques Rousseau / Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi / Friedrich Froebel / Johann Friedrich Herbart / Herbert Spencer / Maria Montessori / Conclusion

8. Progressive Education and John Dewey
European Origins of Progressive Education / The American Progressive Movement / Progressive Education / John Dewey and Experimentalism / Kilpatrick's Project Method / The Progressive Education Association / Social Reconstructionism / Conclusion

9. African American Education and Racial Integration
The Reconstruction Era / Hampton Model of Industrial Education / Booker T. Washington / W. E. B. Du Bois / African Americans in the Twentieth Century / National Focus on School Desegregation / De Facto Racial Segregation and Education / Court Decisions after Brown / Racial Integration and Educational Policy / Conclusion

10. Immigration, Multiculturalism, and Education
Urbanization and Immigration / Hispanic Americans / Asian Americans / Contemporary Immigration Patterns and Legislation / Conclusion

11. From the Historical to the Contemporary
Teacher Organizations / Academic Standards / The Evolution-Creation Controversy / Globalization and Education / Conclusion