A History of the Western Educational Experience:  by Gerald L. Gutek
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A History of the Western Educational Experience
Second Edition
This comprehensive volume examines the impact on education of such momentous world events as the ascendancy of neo-Conservatism, the collapse of the Soviet system, the end of the Cold War, the reunification of Germany, and the resurgence of ethnonationalism. It creates an historical perspective by identifying and analyzing the significant formative ideas and institutions that have shaped the Western educational heritage.
“This book is inclusive, comprehensive, and has sufficient detail, when appropriate. It provides context and background for a chronological and/or thematic study and remains the seminal source for a historical study of education.” — Ed Welchel, Wofford College

“The author delivers what he promises: an overview of the history of education in the West. The book is well written and easy to understand, and it defines the terms used. It provides the reader with a great deal of information about key persons and events that have shaped that history and, thus, the educational systems, practices, theories, and organizations found in the West.” —Comparative Education Review
Table of Contents
1. An Overview and Perspective
2. Greek Education
3. Greek Educational Theory
4. Roman Education
5. Medieval Education
6. Scholasticism and the Medieval University
7. The Renaissance and Humanist Education
8. Religious Reformation and Education
9. The Enlightenment and Education
10. Republicanism, Revolution, and Education
11. The Nineteenth Century: An Age of Ideology
12. Pestalozzi and Natural Education
13. Froebel and Montessori: Early Childhood Education
14. Marxism: Educational Implications
15. Evolution, Social Darwinism, and Education
16. Freud and the Unconscious
17. English Education
18. French Education
19. German Education
20. Russian Education
21. Nineteenth-Century American Education
22. Twentieth-Century American Education