A New Psychology of Women: Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity by Hilary M. Lips
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A New Psychology of Women
Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity
Fourth Edition
Rich, original, and transformative, the latest edition of A New Psychology of Women examines how gender-related expectations interact with other cultural assumptions and stereotypes, and with social and economic conditions, to affect women’s experiences and behavior. Absorbing narratives centered on essential topics in psychology and global research engage readers to grasp cutting-edge insights into the psychological diversity of women. Aware that our own cultural experience colors and limits what we think we know about people, veteran educator and scholar Hilary Lips imbues her discussions with international examples and perspectives to provide an inclusive approach to the psychology of women.

A wide range of new and extensively updated topics optimize readers’ knowledge of how disparate perspectives from cultures throughout the world shape women’s behavior and attitudes toward:

health care / violence against women / poverty / labor force participation / occupational segregation / unpaid work / stereotyping and discrimination / expectations about power within marriage / female genital mutilation / theories of gender development / women’s attitudes toward their bodies / use of social media / media portrayals of girls and women / women in political leadership roles

Among thoroughly updated topics particular to US culture are same-sex marriage, Latina women’s issues, the portrayal of women of different ethnic and cultural groups on television, and breast cancer survival rates of African American and European American women.

Boxed items containing learning activities, profiles of women who helped shape psychology, and suggestions for making social changes appear throughout the text. Each chapter concludes with discussion questions, key terms, suggestions for additional reading, and Web resources.
“I really liked the variety of research that was included, especially the cross-cultural research. It held my attention all the way through and I believe that it would hold the attention of my students.” — Michele Karpathian, Waynesburg University

“I appreciate the focus on a global and multicultural psychology of women. That is essential in any course taught today.” — Donna Castaneda, San Diego State University, Imperial Valley

“I have reviewed many Psychology of Women textbooks. This one is, without question, the best!” — Nyasha Grayman-Simpson, Goucher College
Table of Contents
1. Why a Global, Multicultural Psychology of Women
Femininity and Masculinity Are Socially Constructed / If Gender Is the Issue, Why Focus on Women? / Why a Multicultural, Global Approach? / Stereotyping and Discrimination: Universal Barriers for Women?

2. Female–Male Comparisons: The Meaning and Significance of Difference
A Brief History of the Research / Approaches to Knowledge: Issues of Method, Evidence, and Truth / Gender Differences and Similarities in Abilities or Styles / Gender Differences and Similarities in Aggression / Explaining Differences and Similarities: Can Biology and Environment Be Separated? / The Meaning of Difference / The Question of Differences: The Wrong Question?

3. Growing Up Female: The Female Body and Its Meanings
Sexual Differentiation: How Bodies Become Female or Male / Does the Brain Differentiate by Sex? / The Next Step: Rearing / The Female Body / Controlling the Female Body / Confining the Female Body: Seclusion, Covering, Binding / Displaying the Female Body

4. Growing Up Female II: Expectations, Images, and Identities
Theories of how Gender Shapes Who We Are / Models and Media Messages around the World / What Does It Mean to Be "Feminine"?

5. Getting the Message: Self-Confidence, Assertiveness, and Entitlement
Self-Confidence, Courage, and Femininity / Girls and Women Using Power

6. Connections: Communicating with and Relating to Others
Communication / Friendship

7. Family and Intimate Relationships
The Context of Intimate Relationships: Family Structure / The Couple Bond / Families and Parenthood

8. Women's Work
Job, Family, and Household Tasks: All of It Is Work for Women / Equity and Discrimination / Sexual Harassment in the Workplace / A Family-Friendly Workplace? Striving for Work–Family Balance / Having It All? Stress and the Double Day / The Future of Women's Work

9. Physical Health, Illness, and Healing
Women's Strength and Fitness / Women and Physical Illness around the World / Factors Related to Women's Health / Women as Patients in Health Care Systems / Women as Healers

10. Mental Health, Illness, and Therapy
Gender and Mental Health / Women and Mental Illness around the World / Diagnosis and Treatment / The Social Construction of Women's Mental Disorders

11. Myths and Scripts for Women Growing Older
The Social Construction of Women's Aging / Encountering Menopause: The Cultural Shaping of a Physiological Event / New Roles and Relationships / Rejecting the Message of Decline

12. Sexualities
Research on Sexuality: Where Do Our "Facts" Come From? / Sexual Desire and Sexual Response / Sexual Orientation / The Social Context of Sexual Behavior / Managing the Consequences of Sex / Motivations for Sex: Issues of Desire, Love, Power, and Money

13. Violence against Women: A Worldwide Problem
Violence in Close Relationships / Sex-Selective Abortion, Infanticide, and Systematic Neglect of Girls / Sexual Violence / Sexual Harassment, Bullying, Intimidation, and Stalking / Torture and Ill-Treatment of Women in Custody / Protecting Women from Violence: Some Strategies / Freedom from Persecution on the Basis of Gender: A Human Right

14. Leadership, Power, and Social Change
Images and Stereotypes of Powerful Women / Motivation, Skills, and Styles in the Use of Power / Inequality vs. Empowerment: Women around the World / "It's Not in Her Head": Barriers to Power for Women / Women in Power / Women Claiming Power