A History of the Western Educational Experience:  by Gerald L. Gutek
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A History of the Western Educational Experience
Third Edition
This comprehensive volume identifies and analyzes the significant ideas and institutions that shaped the Western educational heritage. The author examines how worldwide events have impacted education in Europe, North America, and beyond. The third edition incorporates fresh material about the ancient world, European exploration and colonization of North America and India, as well as updated chapters on education in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Russia. This edition has an expanded treatment of Carl Jung, a new section on Margaret Naumburg and her Walden School, and enhanced analysis of many other theorists. It concludes with broadened coverage of nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first century American education, including many educators new to the third edition. Each chapter contains a new feature: Reflection, Discussion, and Research. From Plato and Aristotle to John Dewey, leading educators raised perennial concepts about education and truth, meaning, and value that remain relevant today. In the progression from antiquity to the present, some issues are marked by change and others by continuity—all of which are important to consider, discuss, and research further.
“This book is inclusive, comprehensive, and has sufficient detail, when appropriate. It provides context and background for a chronological and/or thematic study and remains the seminal source for a historical study of education.” — Ed Welchel, Wofford College

“The author delivers what he promises: an overview of the history of education in the West. The book is well written and easy to understand, and it defines the terms used. It provides the reader with a great deal of information about key persons and events that have shaped that history and, thus, the educational systems, practices, theories, and organizations found in the West.” —Comparative Education Review
Table of Contents
1. The Early Origins of Western Civilization and Education
2. Education in Ancient Greece
3. Greek Philosophical and Educational Thought
4. Education in the Roman Republic and Empire
5. Patterns of Medieval Education
6. The Medieval University and Scholasticism
7. The Renaissance and Humanist Education
8. Protestant Religious Reformation and Education
9. European Exploration, Colonization, and Education
10. The Enlightenment and Education
11. Education in the New American Republic
12. The French Revolution and Education
13. Nineteenth-Century Ideologies and Education Spurred by Industrialization and Urbanization
14. Pestalozzi's Method and Object Lessons
15. Froebel and Montessori: Early Childhood Education
16. Evolution, Social Darwinism, and Education
17. Freud, Jung, Naumburg, and the Unconscious Mind
18. Education in the United Kingdom
19. Education in France
20. Education in Germany
21. Education in Russia
22. Nineteenth-Century American Education
23. American Education in the Twentieth and Early Twenty-First Centuries