Western Fertilizer Handbook:  by   Western Plant Health Association
356 pages, $51.95 list
Western Fertilizer Handbook
Ninth Edition
Written specifically for western agriculture, this straightforward handbook gives growers an excellent foundation for developing an understanding of agronomic principles and practices to produce healthy crops and meet 21st-century production demands. The text presents fertilization, nutrient management, and related topics based on the fundamentals of biological and physical sciences. It explains the interrelation of soil type, moisture, and the macro- and micronutrients to grow plants successfully. In the ninth edition, the highly credentialed editors place more emphasis on the relationships of fertilizer application and crop management to environmental quality and long-term productivity.

Outstanding features: Clearly rendered diagrams and drawings enhance text descriptions; the generous use of tables and charts distill data for easy access and understanding; a 12-page, 4-color section of photos shows various plants with nutrient deficiencies; supplementary reading lists provide a readymade path for readers who want to delve into topics of their own choosing; appendices contain a model law relating to fertilizer materials, useful tables and conversions, and a listing of professional organizations
Table of Contents
1. Soil and Plant Growth
2. Water and Plant Growth
3. Principles of Plant Growth
4. Essential Plant Nutrients
5. Fertilizer—A Source of Plant Nutrients
6. Fertilizer Formulation, Storage, and Handling
7. Methods of Applying Fertilizer
8. Site-Specific Fertilizer Management
9. Soil and Tissue Testing
10. Correcting Soil Problems with Amendments
11. Fertilizers and Our Environment
Appendix A: Model Law Relating to Fertilizer Materials
Appendix B: Useful Tables and Conversions
Appendix C: Professional Organizations
Glossary of Terms