Soil Science Simplified:  by Donald P. Franzmeier, William W. McFee, John G. Graveel, Helmut  Kohnke
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Soil Science Simplified
Fifth Edition
Throughout its previous four editions, Soil Science Simplified has helped generations of students understand the basic concepts and scientific principles of soils. The Fifth Edition expands on that foundation, providing a perfect overview for those seeking a concise, practical introduction to the subject. The authors' combined 100 years of teaching experience result in a handbook that won't confuse or intimidate students.

The Fifth Edition retains the text's solid grounding in classification, genesis, and morphology of soils. New chapters cover such contemporary topics as soil mineralogy, soil moisture regimes, current soil survey practices, and how soil management practices directly affect the quality of a variety of water resources.
"Soil Science Simplified is a true gem of a text as it takes large concepts and detailed ideas about the function and purpose of soil and condenses it in such a way that the student and general reader alike will be able to visualize with ease the complexities of this science." Michelle Cauley, Dakota College at Bottineau

“It is concise, easy to understand, and, most importantly, very affordable! I hope to continue using this and any future editions for many years to come.” — Bethany Wolters, University of Tennessee, Martin

"The book is impressive in how much it covers in such a small volume. The price for students is very appealing." — Jeffrey Catalano, Washington University

"I think this is a fantastic book! I love the size, which makes it less intimidating for students. The price is beyond reasonable, too. Students will want to keep this book as a reference in the future rather than returning it." — Sabrina Pidgeon, Southeastern Community College

"An invaluable resource for anyone working with our environment. The presentation is very understandable and easy to read. The content is critical. Thank you for this gift." — Shawn Kelly, University of Wisconsin
Table of Contents
1. The Nature and Function of Soil

2. Soil Mineralogy and Chemistry
Elements / Primary Minerals / Rocks / Rock Cycle / Clay Minerals / Formation and Loss of Clay Minerals / Soil Chemistry

3. Soil Physical Properties
Soil Particles / Soil Texture / Soil Surface Area / Soil Structure / Soil Composition / Soil Bulk Density / Soil Porosity / Soil Swelling / Soil Temperature / Soil Air / Soil Color

4. Soil, Water, and Climate Relations
Field-Scale View / Continental Scale View (Climate-Soil Interactions)

5. Soil Formation
Soil Formation Factors / Significance of Soil Formation Factors / Soil Forming Processes / Classifying Soil Horizons

6. Soil Morphology
Soil Profiles and Pedons / Soil Morphological Descriptions / Natural Soil Drainage / Use of Soil Morphological Information

7. Soil Classification
Soil Taxonomy / Classifying a Soil / Diagnostic Horizons and Materials / Soil Orders / Soil Suborders and Soil Moisture Regimes / Lower Categories of Soil Taxonomy / Nomenclature / Soil Temperature Regimes / Using Soil Taxonomy

8. U.S. Soil Surveys
Early Soil Surveys / Later Soil Surveys / Soil Maps / Current Soil Surveys / Using the Web Soil Survey / Information Derived from the Web Soil Survey / Adaptations of the Web Soil Survey / Limitations of Soil Surveys

9. Soil Organic Matter and Microbes
Classification of Soil Organic Matter / Compositions of Humus / Factors Affecting the Formation of Humus / Functions of Soil Organic Matter / Microbes in the Soil / Immobilization and Mineralization of Nitrogen / Small Animals in the Soil

10. Soil Fertility and Plant Growth
Chemical Composition of Soils / Availability of Nutrients to Plants / Composition of Life Functions of Plants / Plant Nutrient Elements / Nutrient Levels and Crop Yields / Why Fertilize? / Determining the Needs for Fertilization / Fertilizer Labels and Kinds of Fertilizers / The Essence of a Fertilization Program / Fertilizer Calculations

11. Soil Erosion and Its Control
Soil Erosion by Water / Soil Deposition by Water / Soil Erosion by Wind / Soil Conservation / Soil Management Systems for Erosion Control / Soil Conservation and Society

12. Soil and the Environment
The Natural Soil Environment / Soil Health / Soil Degradation / Off-Site Effects of Soil Management / People Concerns / Summary

13. Soil Data and Calculations
Soil Characterization / Calculations / Moving Forward