Tourists and Tourism: A Reader by Sharon Bohn Gmelch, Adam  Kaul
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Tourists and Tourism
A Reader
Third Edition
Like earlier editions, the Third Edition of Tourists and Tourism is organized for use in the classroom. While several classic and popular articles from the second edition have been retained, three-quarters are new and cover important areas in tourism studies such as dark tourism, medical tourism, nonvisual sensory experiences of tourism, and tourism as performance. Several address issues that directly relate to the student experience, including study abroad, service learning, social media, and the ethics of travel.

Articles vary in length and style; some provide deeper context, while others are designed to spark debate in the classroom. Finally, an introduction to the use of film in teaching about tourism and a link to an important film resource are provided.

Ranked #85 on BookAuthority’s “100 Best Anthropology Books of All Time”
“I used the book in my Sociology of Tourism course. The chapters were perfect to introduce students to this subfield and how it interfaces with themes of globalism, consumer culture, and economic development theory.” — Kesho Scott, Grinnell College
Table of Contents
1. Why Tourism Matters (Sharon Bohn Gmelch)
2. Secular Ritual: A General Theory of Tourism (Nelson H. H. Graburn)
3. Staged Authenticity: Arrangements of Social Space in Tourist Settings (Dean MacCannell)
4. An Ethnography of Travel in La Réunion (David Picard)
5. Let's Go Europe: Students as Tourists (George Gmelch)
6. "Backs" to Nature: Musing on Tourist Selfies (Tamara Kohn)
7. Tourist Photography and the Reverse Gaze (Alex Gillespie)
8. We're All Photographers Now: A Photographic Exploration of Tourist Behavior (Lisa Beth Anderson)

9. The Maasai and the Lion King: Authenticity, Nationalism, and Globalization in African Tourism (Edward M. Bruner)
10. Performing Tourism, Staging Tourism: (Re)producing Tourist Space and Practice (Tim Edensor)
11. Deceivingly Difficult: Asian Guides with Asian Tourists in an Asian Destination (Noel B. Salazar)
12. Producing and Consuming Heritage Tourism: Recent Trends (Dallen J. Timothy)
13. From Pilgrimage to Dark Tourism? A New Kind of Tourism in Palestine (Rami K. Isaac)
14. Music on the Edge: The Commodification of an Irish Musical Landscape (Adam Kaul)
15. Tasting: Wine Tourism in the Napa Valley (Sharon Bohn Gmelch)
16. Souvenirs, Animals, and Enchantment: Encountering Texas Cowboy Boots (Chris Gibson)

17. Community-Based Ecotourism in Costa Rica: Who Benefits? (Lynn Horton)
18. In Search of the Narwhal: Ethical Dilemmas in Ecotourism (Ralf Buckley)
19. Dreams and Realities: A Critical Look at the Cruise Ship Industry (Ross A. Klein)
20. Medical Tourism: Reverse Subsidy for the Elite (Amit Sengupta)
21. When Sex Tourists and Sex Workers Meet: Encounters within Sosúa, the Dominican Republic (Denise Brennan)
22. Children and Sex Tourism: The Case of Thailand (Heather Montgomery)
23. Rethinking Volunteer Tourism? (Elizabeth Garland)
24. Go Global, Think Local: Ethical Issues in Student Travel (Adam Kaul, with Seung Hwan Kim)

Appendix A: Teaching Tourism through Ethnographic Film (Michael DiGiovine)
Appendix B: Contributors