Native Tours: The Anthropology of Travel and Tourism by Erve  Chambers
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Native Tours
The Anthropology of Travel and Tourism
Third Edition
Previous editions of Native Tours provided a much-needed overview and analysis of anthropology's contributions to tourism as an emerging field of study. Such a cultural perspective illuminated key ideas surrounding worldwide host–guest relations and informed discussions of political and economic influences and the impacts, both negative and positive, of tourism as one of the world's largest industries.

Applying a characteristically uncluttered, authoritative writing style alongside an exceptional command of the relevant literature, Chambers updates, refines, and extends his earlier work. He retains a focus on the social, cultural, economic, and environmental consequences of tourism, and provides a framework for understanding tourism initiatives in their particular circumstances. Three detailed case studies originating in the American Southwest, the Tirolean Alps, and Belize illustrate the varied costs and benefits of tourism.

Ranked #7 on BookAuthority’s “100 Best Anthropology Books of All Time”
"Chambers provides a compelling introduction to the anthropology of tourism. The book captures an important range of topics and concerns in an academically engaging manner." — Uzi Baram, New College of Florida

"Chambers' book is a major contribution to the modern anthropological study of tourism and the best starting point for anyone interested in the field to learn the key theoretical ideas, contexts, and applied perspectives." — Tim Wallace, North Carolina State University

"The author weaves together a historical review and critical commentary that allows him to draw new insights in our understanding of tourism." — Barbara Rose Johnston, Center for Political Ecology

"This short volume is jam packed with informative summaries of what anthropologists have written on various facets of tourism over the past fifteen years or so. Written in an easy-to-read, even somewhat chatty style, the discussion is balanced and accurate overall, and is accompanied by a useful and very modern set of references." — Australian Journal of Anthropology
Table of Contents
Introduction: Shedding Light on Travel Experiences

1. From Travel to Tourism
Travel in Historical Perspective / The Advent of Modern Tourism / The Tourist as Subject / Case Study: Touring the American Southwest

2. Tourism, Society, and the Political Economy
Tourism and Economic Development / The Distribution of Economic Costs and Benefits / Tourism as Work / Tourism Policies and Plans / Transnational Dimensions of Tourism / The Politics of Representation / Some Social Consequences of Tourism / Tourism and Gender / Case Study: Tirol and Rural Tourism

3. Nature, Tourism, and the Environment
Environmental Impacts of Tourism / Tourism to Natural Places / People as Nature / Ecotourism / Case Study: Ecotourism in Belize

4. Tourism and Culture
Tradition, Authenticity, and Modernity / Tourism and Ethnicity / The Language of Tourism / Material Culture, Performance, and the Built Environment / Tourism in Place and Space