Sanapia: Comanche Medicine Woman by David E. Jones
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Comanche Medicine Woman
Life histories are an excellent means of crosscultural understanding. In detailing the life of a Comanche medicine woman who wanted her methods recorded, Jones demonstrated such an intense interest in her training and experiences as a shaman that Sanapia not only accepted him as a valued biographer but also adopted him as a son. Readers will enjoy this intimate portrait of the last surviving Comanche Eagle doctor, revealed in descriptive accounts of her ritual behavior, her attitude toward the profession, the paraphernalia she employed, and her function in Comanche society.

An ideal supplement for many courses, including life history, medical anthropology, women’s studies, Native North Americans, and anthropology of religion.
“An excellent presentation on a rare subject . . . an important contribution to the literature on healing in North America.” —Frances Harwood, Naropa Institute
Table of Contents
1. The Comanches
2. Sanapia, 1895–1968
3. Medicine Kit
4. Ghosts and Ghost Sickness
5. Witchcraft and the Conceptualization of Illness