Native Religions of North America: The Power of Visions and Fertility by Åke  Hultkrantz
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Native Religions of North America
The Power of Visions and Fertility
The religious life of Native Americans is a panorama featuring an immense diversity of beliefs, ceremonies, and ways of life. Native Religions of North America reflects this rich tradition as it admirably distills a complex subject in a practical and engaging manner. Through concise expression and careful choice of examples, Hultkrantz identifies the diversity and continuities in American Indian spirituality. He introduces the hunters and farmers, the past and present, and the physical contexts and the sublime speculations of tribal religions, even the subtle shades of meaning within an Indian community.
“Hultkrantz is without question one of the leading authorities on American Indian religions. His mind is inquiring, his perceptions are sound, his learning is substantial, and his writing is clear and engaging.” — N. Scott Momaday
Table of Contents
Chronology of Native American Culture and Religion

1. Introduction to Native American Religions

2. Native American Religions: An Overview

3. The Religion of the Wind River Shoshoni: Hunting, Power, and Visions

4. The Religion of the Zuni: Farming, Masked Dancers, and the Power of Fertility

5. Conclusion: Unity and Diversity in Native American Religions



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