The Costume Technician
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The Costume Technician's Handbook
Third Edition
Since its first publication in 1980, The Costume Technician's Handbook has established itself as an indispensable resource in classrooms and costume shops. Ingham and Covey draw on decades of hands-on experience to provide the most complete guide to developing costumes that are personally distinctive and artistically expressive. No other book covers the same breadth of necessary topics for every aspect of costuming, from the basics of setting up a costume shop to managing one and everything in between.
“Liz Covey and Rosemary Ingham have created what many professionals regard as one of the best handbooks in the business. The Costume Technician’s Handbook possesses a wealth of information that is easily accessible, clear, precise, and well-supported with illustrations and photos.” —Susan Tsu, from the Foreword
Table of Contents
1. The Costume Shop
2. Health and Safety in the Costume Shop
3. Fabrics
4. Pattern Development
5. Costume Construction
6. Fitting and Alterations
7. Fabric Dyeing and Painting
8. Hair and Hats
9. Costume Accessories and Properties
10. Managing, Supervising, or Directing the Costume Shop
11. Computers in the Costume Shop
Appendix I: Hats--Stiff But Safe
Appendix II: Lace-Covered Buttons
Appendix III: Mathematics for Costume Technicians
Appendix IV: Preserving and Reusing Costume Stock
Appendix V: Story of a Wig
Appendix VI: Stage Blood
Appendix VII: Where to Write for National and State Health and Safety Standards
Annotated Bibliography