Connected Motion: A Common-Sense Approach to Movement Training for Actors by David  Barker
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Connected Motion
A Common-Sense Approach to Movement Training for Actors
When actors transform themselves on stage, they must escape the confines of their controlled behaviors and become “connected” and emotionally engaged in their movement. When connected, movement becomes an uncensored expression of internal creative impulses. David Barker brings 45 years of acting and teaching experience to Connected Motion with one clear goal: training actors to move better. His process-oriented, improvisation-based approach has proven successful both on the stage and in the studio working with students. He presents concrete exercises and improvisations rather than theory and complex concepts. Instructors will find his ideas easy to apply no matter what movement system they use.
Table of Contents
1. The Physical Instrument
2. Preparation
3. Technique
4. Solo Work
5. Partnered Work
6. Group Work
7. Exercises
8. Applications: A Tool, Not an Obstacle