Extraordinary Groups: An Examination of Unconventional Lifestyles by Richard T. Schaefer, William W. Zellner
401 pages, $47.95 list
Extraordinary Groups
An Examination of Unconventional Lifestyles
Ninth Edition
Extraordinary Groups has had a storied history of excellence over multiple editions. Now available from Waveland Press at the start of its fifth decade of availability, its interdisciplinary approach to groups engaged in unconventional lifestyles makes it a popular textbook choice in hundreds of college courses across the social sciences, including anthropology, religion, history, and psychology. Written by sociologists, using and illustrating sociological principles, the book is appealing because it is descriptive and explanatory rather than analytical. Descriptions of the groups are interwoven with basic sociological concepts, but systematic analysis and inductive reasoning are left to the discretion of the instructor.

Extraordinary Groups is a compelling overview of the broad tapestry of social life that constitutes the United States. The illustrated, full-featured Ninth Edition includes a glossary and end-of-chapter key terms, sources on the Web, and selected readings.
Table of Contents
1. The Gypsies
Overview / Early History / Challenges to Studying the Rom / Marimé / Family and Social Organization / Arranged Marriages and the Bride Price / Lifestyle / Economic Organization / Activities / Social Control / Prejudice and Discrimination / Adaptability: The Rom Trademark / The Future

2. The Old Order Amish
Early History / ". . . A Peculiar People" / The Farmstead / Leisure and Recreation / Religious Customs / Sanctions / Courtship and Marriage / Family / Education and Socialization / Challenges Facing the Amish / The Future

3. The Shakers
Mother Ann Lee / Beginnings in America / Persecution and Prosecution / The Attractions of Shaker Life / Expansion / Economic Organization / Assessing the Shaker Economy / Social Organization / Separation of the Sexes / A Typical Shaker Day / Children: A Mixed Venture / Shaker Theology / Decline of the Order / The Shaker Heritage / The Present Scene

4. The Mormons
The "Burned-Over" District / Joseph Smith—Man of Controversy / The Early Years / The Aftermath—and Brigham Young / Polygamy / The End of Plural Marriage / Organization of LDS / Vitality of the Family / Distinctive Customs / Contemporary Politics / Mormon Challenges / The Fundamentalists / Mormonism Today / A Global Religion

5. The Oneida Community
Background / The Putney Association / Oneida / Primary-Group Interaction / Decision Making / Role of Women / Membership and Secession / Mutual Criticism / Economic Communism / Complex Marriage / Complex Marriage: Unanswered Questions / Stirpiculture / Child Rearing / The End of the Road / A Contemporary Assessment

6. The Jehovah's Witnesses
Millenarian Movement / Charles Russell / Witnesses and the Federal Government / Organization / Finances / What Witnesses Believe / Social Characteristics / Gaining Converts and Maintaining the Faith / The Religious Perspective / The Meetings / Concluding Observations

7. The Father Divine Movement
Meeting Mother Divine / The Communion Banquet / The George Baker Story / The New York City Period / Sayville—The Turning Point / Why They Joined / The Economic Structure / Social Organization and Nomenclature / No Sex—No Marriage—No Family / The Rewards / Enemies and Defectors / Scope and Operation of the Movement / Mother Divine / The Movement: Weaknesses and Strengths / The Present Scene

8. Nation of Islam
Case Study in Conversion: From Clay to Ali / Black Muslims: Label, Not a Religion / Islam: An Overview / Islam in America / Black Nationalism / Moorish Science Temple / Nation of Islam: Early Years / Elijah Muhammad: Emergence of a Prophet / Malcolm X: Spokesman for Black Muslims / COINTELPRO / The Tumultuous Period: 1965–1975 / Birth of American Society of Islam / Nation of Islam Persists / The Nation of Islam and Jewish Americans / Family Life and Gender / Education / The Million Man March / Black Nationalism in Obamaland / Concluding Thoughts

9. Church of Scientology
L. Ron Hubbard / David Miscavige / Dianetics: An Overview / Converting to Scientology / Organization, Headquarters, and Splinter Groups / Scientology as a Religion / Positions on Social Issues / Scientology Enemy No. 1: The Government / Condemning the Condemners / The Death of Lisa McPherson / Hollywood Connections / The Last Words

10. Wicca
Witchcraft: An Introduction / Anti-Witchcraft Efforts / Gerald Gardner / Organization of Wicca / Coven vs. Solitaire / Magick / The Life Cycle / Coming out of the Broom Closet / The Goddess / Wicca as a Religion / Media / Contemporary Patterns