Christianity: A Way to Salvation by Sandra Sizer Frankiel
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A Way to Salvation
Christianity has a deceptively simple core, but is an extremely diverse religion. Frankiel approaches that diversity by a historical study that traces the contours of development and identifies some of the major different religious styles, worldviews, and directions within the religion. She then examines the characteristics of Christianity that endure over time—those that make it distinct from other religions. This multidimensional approach provides a rich picture of Christianity by utilizing a variety of perspectives, bringing some material into view more than once to reinforce learning and provoke questions.
“An excellent overview of an extremely long period. Provides a good general background.” — Elizabeth M. Makowski, Texas State University

“For a very short history of Christianity, the text is clear and readable for students of all levels of religious experience.” — John Richy, College of DuPage

“A major achievement in under 135 pages!” — Paul Mirecki, University of Kansas

“A fascinating and bold venture at interpreting Christianity in the round. Frankiel offers a sustained historical analysis of Christianity in its many aspects, an analysis of its central symbols and rituals and their transformations, and two case studies of Christian impulses in relationship to cultural episodes. Readers will find this book as stimulating as it is ambitious.” — John F. Wilson, Princeton University

“A coherent introductory work which, in little more than 100 pages, comes to grips with Christianity’s meaning as religious experience and expression. . . . I am truly impressed. In clear and lucid prose, Frankiel supplies an absorbing account of the history of the Christian tradition.” — Catherine L. Albanese, University of California, Santa Barbara

“A nice blend of history, spirituality, and theology that should give the beginning student a good sense of the Christian tradition. Crisply written, economical without being superficial, it can be highly recommended as a first entry into the story of Christianity.” — Lawrence S. Cunningham, University of Notre Dame
Table of Contents
I. Introduction

II. The Historical Development of Christianity
Organization and Development / The Church in the Later Empire / Eastern and Western Branches of the Church / The Western Middle Ages / European Religious Reformation / New Worlds / Modern Developments in Christianity

III. Structures of the Christian Life
The Christian Story / The Meaning of Salvation / Spiritual Knowledge: Creed and Doctrine in Christianity / The Drama of Transformation: From Baptism to Eucharist / The Church as Holy Community / The Life of the Church / Jesus as Model of the Christian's Personal Life

IV. Dynamics of Christian Life
The Pilgrimage to Compostela / The Route of the Pilgrim / The Meaning of the Pilgrimage / Lyman Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe / The World of Lyman Beecher / Harriet Beecher Stowe / American Protestantism in a New Generation

V. Conclusions