Elementary Number Theory:  by James K. Strayer
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Elementary Number Theory
In this student-friendly text, Strayer presents all of the topics necessary for a first course in number theory. Additionally, chapters on primitive roots, Diophantine equations, and continued fractions allow instructors the flexibility to tailor the material to meet their own classroom needs. Each chapter concludes with seven Student Projects, one of which always involves programming a calculator or computer. All of the projects not only engage students in solving number-theoretical problems but also help familiarize them with the relevant mathematical literature.
Table of Contents

1. Divisibility and Factorization
2. Congruences
3. Arithmetic Functions
4. Quadratic Residues
5. Primitive Roots
6. Diophantine Equations
7. Continued Fractions
8. A Few Applications

Appendix A. Mathematical Induction
Appendix B. Equivalence Relations
Appendix C. Abstract Algebra
Appendix D. The Binomial Theorem
Appendix E. Tables
Hints and Answers to Selected Exercises