An Introduction to Analysis:  by James R. Kirkwood
278 pages, $79.95 list
An Introduction to Analysis
Second Edition
An Introduction to Analysis, Second Edition provides a mathematically rigorous introduction to analysis of real-valued functions of one variable. The text is written to ease the transition from primarily computational to primarily theoretical mathematics. Numerous examples and exercises help students to understand mathematical proofs in an abstract setting, as well as to be able to formulate and write them. The material is as clear and intuitive as possible while still maintaining mathematical integrity. The author presents abstract mathematics in a way that makes the subject both understandable and exciting to students.
“I really like the organization of this book. The structure seems to allow for varying amounts of depth depending on the strength of the particular class. The homework assignments seem sufficiently stratified. There are some reasonably easy problems and some reasonably difficult ones.” — Trey Smith, Angelo State University

“This is a well-written book on analysis with enough exercises. The best feature is that the exercises are all meaningful and illuminating. A great book!” — Senhuei Chen, Howard University
Table of Contents
1. The Real Number System
2. Sequences of Real Numbers
3. Topology of the Real Numbers
4. Continuous Functions
5. Differentiation
6. Integration
7. Series of Real Numbers
8. Sequences and Series of Functions
9. Fourier Series
Appendix: Hints and Answers for Selected Exercises