Revolutionary Russia, 1917:  by John M. Thompson
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Revolutionary Russia, 1917
Second Edition
The Russian Revolution of 1917 profoundly affected the recent history of the world. Its impact has been felt in every corner of the globe. People, ideas, and events have all been touched by it. This thought-provoking book not only offers a short, clear narrative of what happened in 1917, but also analyzes and discusses the whys of the revolution. Within bounds of reasonable speculation, the author raises interpretive questions about the events of 1917 in an effort to stimulate the interest and thinking of students.
Table of Contents
1. Prelude to Revolution
2. The February Revolution: Collapse of the Old Order
3. The Meaning of Liberation
4. The Radicalization of Russia
5. Summer Crises
6. The Vulnerability of the Provisional Government
7. The October Revolution: The Bolsheviks Take Power
8. The New Soviet State: Consolidating Power
9. Fulfillment or Betrayal?
Appendix: Chronology of the Russian Revolution of 1917