Urban Forestry: Planning and Managing Urban Greenspaces by Robert W. Miller, Richard J. Hauer, Les P. Werner
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Urban Forestry
Planning and Managing Urban Greenspaces
Third Edition
Fully updated and greatly enhanced, the Third Edition of Urban Forestry addresses current issues in planning, establishing, and managing trees, forests, and other elements of nature in urban and community ecosystems. The authors discuss why we have trees in cities and how we use them, clarify the appraisal and inventory of urban vegetation, and extensively delve into the planning and management of public as well as private vegetation.

As urban forestry continues to evolve as a profession, foresters and arborists can expect many challenges as well as opportunities. The continuing development of cities has become linked to a much greater emphasis on urban vegetation, the growing demand for recreation amenities within the urban environment, and the careful and successful management of vegetation in an urban ecosystem. New ways to incorporate the highly versatile urban forest resource into the urban fabric will undoubtedly benefit the lives of its residents.
“This is the most comprehensive text for an undergraduate Urban Forestry course that you will currently find. It is well written, well researched, and well documented.” — Paul Ries, Oregon State University
Table of Contents

1. The Urban Forest: An Introduction
Defining the Urban Forest / The Development of the Forestry Profession / Assessing the Urban Forest / Managing the Urban Forest / Forest Continuum / Urban Forestry Worldwide / Education in Urban Forestry

2. Evolution of Cities and Urban Forestry
A Brief Urban History / Spatial Development of American Cities / Spatial Development of Cities around the Globe / The History of Trees in the City / Conclusions

3. Social Needs and Values of Urban Society
Evolving Relationship to Nature / Today's Human Environment / Changing Values / Psychological Values / Physical Values / Social Needs, Values, and Urban Forestry

4. Functional Uses and Design of Urban Vegetation
Benefits, Liabilities, and Possibilities of Urban Vegetation / Principles of Design / Community Considerations / Environmental Uses / Engineering Uses


5. Values of Urban Vegetation
Economic Values / Legal Values

6. Street Tree Inventories and Assessment
The Need for Inventories / Objectives and Components of Inventories / Types of Inventories / Information Management Systems / Decision-Making Uses of Inventories

7. Urban Forest, Tree Canopy, and Regional Ecosystem Assessment
Urban Forest Assessment Tools and Techniques / Urban Forest and Cover Type Inventories / Urban Natural Resource Inventories / Geographic Information Systems


8. Policy, Planning, and Urban Forestry
The Planning Process / Land-Use Planning / Planning for Open Space / Urban Forest Management Planning / Conclusions

9. Vegetation Ordinances
Municipal Forestry Programs / Vegetation Protection / Landscape Ordinances / Screening Ordinances / Energy Conservation

10. Urban Forest Management: Planning for Street Trees
The Rise and Fall of Municipal Forestry Programs / Factors Leading to the Success or Failure of Urban Forest Management Programs / An Urban Forest Planning Model / Management Plan Considerations / Conclusion

11. Management of Street Trees: Planting
Street Tree Establishment / Sources of Trees / Planting

12. Management of Street Trees: Maintenance
Pruning / Plant Health Care / Management Needs over Time / Task Scheduling

13. Program Administration and Analysis
Funding / Organization / Program Analysis / Personnel / Communications and Public Relations / Volunteers in Urban Forestry

14. Management of Park and Open Space Vegetation
Public Needs / Park Vegetation Management / Urban Silviculture

15. Commercial and Utility Arboriculture
Commercial Arboriculture / Utility Arboriculture

Appendix A: Sample Disease and Insect Control Ordinance of Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Appendix B: Bath, Maine, Municipal Tree Ordinance
Appendix C: Tree Protection Ordinance, City of Highland Park, Illinois
Appendix D: Sample Screening Ordinance, Brainerd, Minnesota
Appendix E: Tree Pruning Specifications, City of Huntington Woods, Michigan
Appendix F: Tree Walks in Madison, Wisconsin
Appendix G: Sample Customer Newsletter
Appendix H: ROW Vegetation