Religions of China: The World as a Living System by Daniel E. Overmyer
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Religions of China
The World as a Living System
The guiding themes of Chinese religion as it is actually lived! This short work explains basic ideas and practices of Chinese religions in direct and simple language, with many examples and analogies for increased understanding. Its basic assumption is that religion is best understood as an aspect of everyday life—as something that makes sense to those who practice it—even if outsiders might be puzzled at first. While Overmyer’s treatment focuses on traditional China before the twentieth century, many of the beliefs and practices described are still alive, at least in some Chinese communities. While the basic concern of this book is, first, to understand Chinese religions in their own right, it takes the additional step of exploring what modern students might learn from them.
Table of Contents
Chronology of Chinese History and Religion
1. Introduction: Beliefs and Values of One of the World’s Oldest Living Cultures
2. History: The Development of Chinese Religious Traditions over Time
3. Types of Beliefs and Activities in Chinese Religious Life
4. Dynamics: Chinese Religions Lived and Practiced
5. Chinese Religions Today
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