The Teacher
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The Teacher's Craft
The 10 Essential Skills of Effective Teaching
The author argues that there is a body of evidence that shows quite clearly how to teach so that students will learn far more than they are learning today. This reader-friendly volume provides evidence-based principles of effective teaching. College students preparing to teach, new teachers struggling to find their way, and experienced teachers eager to hone their skills will benefit from this set of commonsense principles that, when practiced together, will markedly improve student performance.
“This is a truly outstanding resource for all teachers and for those who aspire to become teachers. It succinctly and clearly incorporates scholarly theory into an easily understood and implementable pedagogical framework. A masterpiece of thoughtful and relevant advice for all!” — John O’Kane, Roberts Wesleyan College

“Paul Chance has a strong track record of writing about behavior analysis for broad audiences, especially students. . . . [This is] a welcomed addition to the how-to-teach books that currently flood the market. Recommended for new or seasoned teachers.” — Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

"Although I have been teaching for over 50 years, I learned a lot in my reading of The Teacher's Craft. Paul Chance knows his way around a classroom, and he knows his way around the scholarly literature on teaching." — Robert Rosenthal, University of California, Riverside

“If all teachers acquired and used the skills Paul Chance describes in The Teacher’s Craft, I have no doubt that our schools would jump to first rank in student learning.” — Howard Sloane, University of Utah

“If you want the latest theories or fads about teaching, this is not your book. If you want practical, often research-supported suggestions on how to improve your teaching, read on.” — Bill Hopkins, Auburn University

"Paul Chance is one of those rare individuals who are able to synthesize and integrate a large body of educational research while at the same time presenting readers with a highly accessible, interesting, and well-written guide to the teaching profession. A superb book that should be essential reading for all teachers." —Judy Cameron, University of Alberta

"The Teacher’s Craft does a wonderful job of translating theory and research findings into clear, practical steps that teachers can use every day. A must for new teachers, this book will also interest veterans who will find much that is new and practical. Chance’s considerable knowledge of research findings, ability to convey those findings clearly, and feel for practical classroom techniques are impressive.” —Robert Eisenberger, University of Delaware

“Although there have been countless books on teaching, The Teacher’s Craft may be the first that draws upon a scientific body of evidence and, in a plain-spoken but entertaining fashion, describes specific and tangible actions that teachers can take to succeed in their chosen profession. . . . I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that if teachers master even some of these essential skills, they will be much more effective than they ever dreamed possible.” —Henry Schlinger, California State University, Los Angeles
Table of Contents
Prologue: What Is Teaching?
1. Create a Learning Climate
2. Define the Destination
3. Show the Way
4. Call for Action!
5. Give Feedback
6. Provide Practice, Practice, and More Practice
7. Assess Progress
8. Motivate Successfully
9. Teach the Tools
10. Deal with the Junk
Epilogue: What's the Point?

Appendix A: Item Analysis: Assessing the test
Appendix B: Grades
Appendix C: The Token Economy