Sociocultural Theory in Anthropology: A Short History by Merwyn S. Garbarino
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Sociocultural Theory in Anthropology
A Short History
This useful resource is designed to serve as a statement, in brief compass, of the major developments in anthropological theory rendered in a historical perspective. Intended as an organizing framework, this book presents all theoretical viewpoints fairly, concisely, and simply.
Table of Contents
1. The Nature of Anthropology and Sources of Theory
Introduction / The Nature of Anthropology / Sources of Theory / Some Definitions / Explanation in Behavioral Science

2. Prologue to Anthropology
The Age of Exploration / The Enlightenment / Nineteenth Century Backgrounds

3. The Beginnings of Sociocultural Anthropology
The Early Period of Ethnology / Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels / Emile Durkheim and French Sociology / Professionalism in Fieldwork

4. The Early Twentieth Century
Anthropology Begins to Diversify / The Rise of Cultural Anthropology in America / The Development of British Social Anthropology / Functional Analysis / Developments in France

5. Anthropology at Mid-Century, 1930–1960
American Eclecticism / British anthropology in Mid-Century / Cultural (American) and Social (British) Anthropology

6. Current Anthropology, 1960–
Cognitive Anthropology / British Anthropology in the 60s / Cultural Materialism / Ethology / Cultural Relativism Reconsidered

7. The Past and the Future