Exotics and Erotics: Human Cultural and Sexual Diversity by DeWight R. Middleton
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Exotics and Erotics
Human Cultural and Sexual Diversity
In the current, fast-paced information age, implicit and explicit images and messages relating to sex and sexuality abound. But sex and sexuality often are misconstrued and misunderstood by those who perceive them through the narrow lens of their own place and time. Middleton’s fundamentally anthropological treatment explores universal human sexuality in conjunction with its local manifestations in specific cultural contexts. He distributes many case studies throughout to illustrate the exploration of such topics as the body, patterns of sexuality, sexual behavior, romantic passion, marriage, and kinship, among others. This lively authoritative text fills unrealized gaps in knowledge by taking readers to new realms in understanding themselves and “others.”
Exotics and Erotics provides a detailed and thought provocative account of human sexual diversity in a casual and easy-to-understand tone and with useful summaries at the end of every chapter. It constitutes, as either a main text or a supplement, an excellent source of information on sexual issues for both undergraduate and graduate students in social science departments. Through its various readings and critical inquiry, the author encourages students of human sexuality to engage in critical introspection, thereby enabling them to arrive at their own conclusion regarding the etiology of their sexuality.” — Andreas G. Philaretou (Western Michigan University) in Sexuality and Culture (Summer 2005)

“A very useful approach to human sexuality. I have decided to adopt it as one of the texts for my course.” — John P. Hall, Texas Wesleyan University

“A well written, interesting read with great examples.” — Harriet Bachner, University of Texas at Dallas

“The text addresses the construct of human sexuality from a multicultural and anthropological perspective. It scholarly yet written in an approachable narrative voice.” — Isaiah Crawford, Loyola University

“I especially like the crosscultural comparisons. The book is very readable and would peak student interest.” — Tony Foster, Kingwood College

“The book captures material not often included in major texts in the area of sexuality.” — Richard S. Cimbalo, Daemen College

“Well priced for students, the book contains great information on the diversity of sexual experience.” — Gary Burkholder, Rhode Island School of Design
Table of Contents
1. A Panoramic View of Sexuality
2. Culture, Self, and Sex
3. The Sexual Body
4. Sex Patterns
5. Regulating Sex: Incest Taboos, Marriage, and Descent
6. Sexual Issues
7. The Future of Sex