Gender Diversity: Crosscultural Variations by Serena  Nanda
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Gender Diversity
Crosscultural Variations
Second Edition
Anthropologist Serena Nanda has heralded the importance of understanding human similarities and differences throughout her writing and teaching career. This was especially evidenced in her groundbreaking work, Gender Diversity: Crosscultural Variations, a masterful, far-reaching examination of the relationships between sex, gender, and sexuality and how they are culturally constructed.

Rich ethnographic examples representing nine cultures illuminate the need to analyze sex/gender roles and identities on the basis of broad cultural patterns and distinct cultural features, including social class, ethnicity, age, religion, urban or rural residence, and exposure to Western cultures. The latest edition incorporates new material on hijras in Bangladesh, three gender alternatives in Indonesia, and global changes related to migration, health, and communication. Concept-reinforcing questions have been added to each chapter.

Gender Diversity, Second Edition encourages readers to think in new ways about what they consider natural, normal, or morally right. As a concise supplement with multidisciplinary appeal, the enhanced edition is sure to energize the undergraduate classroom.
“This is an important revision of an already profound book. A cogent introduction to the anthropology of transgender cultures, this is indispensable for any course on human sexuality or the anthropology of gender. Included in this second edition is a new chapter on Indonesia. Simply splendid!” — Doug Feldman, SUNY, Brockport

“I have taught the First Edition for a few years and am glad to have the additional material included in the Second Edition.” — Aurolyn Luykx, University of Texas, El Paso

“This handy text provides an excellent introduction to gender and sexuality in a cross-cultural context. I use it in two courses.” — Anthony Shay, Pomona College

“I love how focused and complete this new edition is. The addition of Indonesia is great. Overall, great updates.” — Jessica Bodoh-Creed, California State University, Los Angeles

“The book enhances my class significantly and never fails to engage the students.” — Matthew Kennedy, City College of San Francisco

“Nanda is at the forefront of her field. She effectively presents the topic in a new and innovative way without sensationalizing it. No other book fills this niche.” —Richley Crapo, Utah State University
Table of Contents
Some Basic Definitions / Social Attitudes toward Sex/Gender Diversity / Sexuality and Gender Diversity / Globalization and Gender Diversity / Female Gender Diversity / Book Outline / Anthropology and Cultural Difference

1. Multiple Genders among Native Americans
Distribution and Characteristics of Variant Sex/Gender Roles / Transvestism / Occupation / Gender Variance and Sexuality / Biological Sex and Gender Transformations / Sacred Power / The Alyha: A Male Gender Variant Role among the Mohave / Female Gender Variants

2. Hijra and Sadhin: Neither Man nor Woman in India and Bangladesh
Gender Diversity in Hinduism / Hijras as Not-Men . . . / Hijras as Women and Not-Women / Religious Identifications / Social Responses to Hijras / Hijra Sexuality / Social Structure of the Hijra Community / The Sadhin: A Female Gender Variant / The Hijras of Bangladesh

3. Men and Not-Men: Sexuality and Gender in Brazil
Gender Diversity: Travestís, Bichas, and Viados / Men and Not-Men: The Brazilian Binary / Attitudes toward Gender Diversity / Afro-Brazilian Religion / Links between Candomble and Gender Diversity / Penetration, Possession Trance, and Gender Diversity in Candomble / Changing Sex/Gender Ideologies

4. Liminal Gender Roles in Polynesia
Gender Liminal Male Roles / Historical Contexts / Appropriations of the Feminine / Sexuality and Gender Liminality / Sexuality and Social Status / Performing Gender Diversity / Gender Liminality and the Polynesian Concept of the Person

5. Transgendered Males in Thailand and the Philippines
Homoeroticism in Thai Culture / Transformations in Traditional Sex/Gender Ideology / Social Attitudes toward the Kathoey / Sex/Gender Diversity in the Philippines / Contemporary Constructions of Gender Diversity: Transgendered Male Homosexuality / Bakla Sexual Relationships / The Association of Transgendered Males with Beauty / Transvestite Beauty Contests

6. Indonesia: Bissu, Waria, and Lesbi
Bissu / Waria / Lesbi

7. Sex/Gender Diversity in Euro-American Cultures
Transvestite Female Saints / The Sworn Virgin of the Balkans / Transsexualism / Transgenderism / Intersexuality

8. Variations on a Theme
Criteria for Constructing Sex/Gender Variation / Varying Degrees of Institutionalization / Public Recognition of Sex/Gender Transformations / Explaining Sex/Gender Diversity / Male and Female Gender Diversity / The Functions, Roles, and Significance of Sex/Gender Diversity / Globalization