Basic Interviewing Skills:  by Raymond L. Gorden
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Basic Interviewing Skills
Interviewing skills are not simple motor skills. Rather, they involve a high-order combination of observation, empathic sensitivity, and intellectual judgment. This guidebook, now available from Waveland Press, provides a process model and a corresponding set of classroom-tested exercises designed to improve basic interviewing skills. The model—called the Skill Learning Cycle—provides an initial, guided experience for the complete interview-learning process, including planning, doing, and analyzing phases. It also stands as a model for the student to use in the future for continued growth in interviewing skills. In order to focus on the most basic interviewing skills, only the information-gathering function, which is common to all interviews, is discussed.
Basic Interviewing Skills is full of information which would be helpful to any CJ practitioner. I plan to use this book as a supplement to both my criminal investigation class as well as our police procedures class.” — Dan Cain, Bossier Parish Community College

“Looks like a good text for a correctional case management class.” — Joseph A. Waldron, Youngstown State University

Basic Interviewing Skills lays the foundation for successful oral communicative interaction. An essential text for anyone who desires to maximize information received from human interaction.” — Mike Perna, Broome Community College

“I have used this text for many years and find it a good teaching tool.” — Jayne T. Rich, Atlantic Community College
Table of Contents
1. Overview
2. Formulating Relevant Questions
3. Formulating Motivating Questions
4. Establishing a Communicative Atmosphere
5. Delivering the Question
6. Listening to the Respondent
7. Observing the Respondent’s Nonverbal Behavior
8. Evaluating Responses
9. Probing the Response for Information
10. Recording and Coding Information
11. A Skill-Integrating Field Project