Projects in Ethnographic Research:  by Michael V. Angrosino
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Projects in Ethnographic Research
Designed to give students a hands-on taste of what it is like to do ethnographic research, this concise manual offers a related set of three enriching yet manageable research projects with clear, workable instructions and guidelines. Through them, Professor Angrosino demonstrates for students at all levels that ethnography is an exciting and challenging form of social research. Solid, encouraging, and readable, the guide provides a basic format so that students can learn the fundamental ethnographic data collection techniques of observation, interviewing, and analyzing archives while conducting their own mini-projects in local settings.

Projects in Ethnographic Research also includes many well-chosen, concrete, and illuminating examples drawn from the research of the author’s own students and from the published works of other ethnographers.

Projects in Ethnographic Research is most useful to those who teach introductory cultural anthropology and who want to introduce their students to some important field techniques but cannot justify assigning a longer, more comprehensive methods book. Brief and reasonably priced, the Angrosino text is sure to become an important component in introductory classrooms because it enhances some of the key concepts in cultural anthropology. It will also ignite the interest of future ethnographers.
“This is an excellent book full of intriguing and productive activities.” — Jennifer Tookes, Georgia Southern University

“This compact guide lays out the relevant concepts, is chock-full of good examples, details how to go about the nitty-gritty of ethnographic research, and leads students through a cohesive series of projects to do their own original work.” — Steve Froemming, Bloomsburg University

“A great introduction to conducting ethnography. Succinct, but comprehensive in its coverage. Very doable projects.” — Iris Carter Ford, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

“The ‘To Do’ sections are particularly helpful. An excellent supplement to an intro course!” — Louis G. Foltz, Warner Pacific College
Table of Contents
1. Ethnographic Methods and Social Research
2. Basic Principles of Ethnographic Research
3. Site Selection and Other Practical Considerations
4. Ethnographic Observation
5. Ethnographic Interviewing
6. Ethnography and the Analysis of Archived Materials
7. Presenting Your Findings