Archaeology: A Concise Introduction by Alice Beck Kehoe, Thomas C. Pleger
125 pages, $21.95 list
A Concise Introduction
Senior archaeologist Kehoe teams with younger archaeologist Pleger to present a lively, balanced introduction to the discipline, from basic methods and tools of the trade to current issues in archaeology. The authors draw from their own complementary lives and careers to illustrate the reality, scope, and excitement of the discipline. Particularly emphasized is that archaeology is not esoteric but is rich in career opportunities; it is a science that touches all citizens as stewards of the past.

High-interest topics such as famous archaeological sites and compelling controversies in archaeology will appeal to curious readers.
“I so like that the book is not tied up with overly detailed discussions of theory or technique. Rather, it tells readers what archaeology is like, from the thrill of discovery to the politics. The personal chapters by Kehoe and Pleger are fascinating.” — Larry J. Zimmerman, Indiana University–Purdue University, Indianapolis

“There are several excellent texts like this one, but the Kehoe-Pleger version stands out because of the clear, well-thought-out composition, the careful choice of examples, and the student-oriented organization. Both authors—experts in their field—know how to talk to undergraduates, not the easiest thing to do.” — Carol Mason, Lawrence University
Table of Contents
1. What Is Archaeology?
What Does the Archaeologist Do? / What about Those Tombs and Temples?

2. Tools of the Trade
Sites / Excavation / Dating / Underwater Archaeology

3. Exciting Archaeology
King Tut and the Pyramids / Stonehenge, the Mysterious Circle / Cave Paintings / Maya / Mesa Verde / Cahokia

4. Real Archaeologists: Alice, from Girl in a Guys' World to Mom, the Professor
Professional Life / Working Independently

5. Real Archaeologists: Thomas, the Next Generation
Dissertation Research on Old Copper/ Professional Life

6. Controversies in Archaeology
Controversies in Archaeological Theory

7. The Future of the Past
Tourism / Archaeology as Entertainment / Archaeological Skills for the Present / Indigenous Archaeology and Contested Ownerships

8. Archaeology's Realm: The Grand Sweep of Human History
Critical Thinking / Contemporary Archaeology in the World