The Ruminant Animal: Digestive Physiology and Nutrition by D. C. Church
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The Ruminant Animal
Digestive Physiology and Nutrition
Excellent for its quality and in-depth coverage! This volume represents a compilation of important information on major topics related to nutrient requirements and nutrient metabolism among ruminants. This outstanding collection facilitates the dissemination of this ever-growing body of knowledge and is a valuable tool for achieving a more complete understanding of the subject. An abundance of photographs, diagrams, and tables illustrate and reinforce the text, serving to enhance student comprehension.
“This book fills the gap between introductory-level and advanced treatises on the subject.” — A. H. Fredeen, Nova Scotia Agricultural College

“Outstanding text! It is very thorough and gives excellent attention to a variety of topics.” — Nevil Speer, Western Kentucky University

“Quality, in-depth coverage at an excellent value to our students.” — Robert Harrold, North Dakota State University

“The most complete text regarding ruminant nutrition I have reviewed. Its organization, treatment of basic science that includes an applied approach, and the appropriate reading level combine to make this text a must on the subject.” — Paul Waller, Illinois State University

“An excellent book that provides in-depth information on many topics of ruminant nutrition difficult to find elsewhere.” — Brittany Bock, Fort Hays State University
Table of Contents
1. The Classification and Importance of Ruminant Animals (D. C. Church)


2. Anatomy of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract (R. R. Hofmann)

3. Growth and Development of the Ruminant Digestive System (Sidney J. Lyford, Jr.)

4. Motility of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract (Y. Ruckebusch)

5. Ingestion of Feed and Water (J. G. Welch and A. P. Hooper)

6. Salivary Function and Production (D. C. Church)

7. Microbiology of the Rumen and Intestine (M. T. Yokoyama and K. A. Johnson)

8. Ruminal Fermentation (F. N. Owens and A. L. Goetsch)

9. Digestion, Absorption and Excretion in Ruminants (N. R. Merchen)


10. Appetite, Palatability and Control of Feed Intake (W. L. Grovum)

11. Water and Its Functions, Regulation and Comparative Use by Ruminant Livestock (Victor R.Squires)

12. Protein Metabolism of Ruminant Animals (Fred N. Owens and Richard Zinn)

13. Energy Metabolism (C. L. Ferrell and Roman L. Hruska)

14. Carbohydrate Nutrition of Ruminants (G. C. Fahey, Jr. and L. L. Berger)

15. Lipids in Ruminant Nutrition (F. M. Byers and G. T. Schelling)

16. Vitamins in Ruminant Nutrition (J. Tal Huber)

17. Macro Elements for Ruminants (Ron Kincaid)

18. The Trace Elements (J. K. Miller and Nancy Ramsey)

19. Digestion, Metabolism and Nutrient Needs in Preruminants (Sidney J. Lyford, Jr. and J. Tal Huber)

20. Nutrient Needs During Critical Periods of the Life Cycle Effect of Nutrition on Fertility, Reproduction and Lactation (David J. Schingoethe) / Nutrition in Growth (F. M. Byers and G. T. Schelling)

21. Nutrient Needs of Ruminant versus Monogastric Species (David J. Schingoethe)


22. Effect of Environmental Stress on Nutrient Needs (B. A. Young)

23. Nutritional Problems Related to the Gastro-Intestinal Tract / Bloat (H. W. Essig) / Acidosis (Gerald B. Huntington) / Nitrate and Urea Toxicities (Royce J. Emerick) / Acute Pulmonary Edema and Interstitial Emphysema in Cattle (J. R. Carlson)

24. Metabolic Problems Related to Nutrition, Milk Fever, Ketosis and the Fat Cow Syndrome (L. H. Schultz) / Grass Tetany (H. F. Mayland) / Urinary Calculi (Royce J. Emerick)

25. Therapeutic Nutrition (J. H. Ternouth)