The Shakespeare Toolkit: A Nuts-and-Bolts Approach to Speaking Shakespeare by Brian A. Rose
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The Shakespeare Toolkit
A Nuts-and-Bolts Approach to Speaking Shakespeare
Brian Rose has condensed decades of acting and teaching Shakespeare into a set of tools to increase actors’ confidence in playing characters more truthfully. The Toolkit begins by treating verse-dialogue as sentences – finding the common ground between daily speech and Shakespeare’s carefully crafted language. By seeing the verse as sentences embodying thoughts, the actor is freer to speak them as if they were their own. They become less alien as verse and less intimidating than when tagged as “Shakespeare.”
Table of Contents
1. The Tools and Some Essentials
2. Communication and the Need for Tools
3. Constantin Stanislavski and the Toolkit
4. The Sentence Tool
5. The Punctuation Tool
6. The Stress Tool
7. Stanislavski's Stress Tool
8. The Single Beat Word Tool
9. Verb and Proper Noun Tool
10. The Antithesis Tool
11. The Pause Tool/The Phrasing and Midline Break Tool
12. The End of the Line Tool