Feeding the Ghosts:  by Fred  D
230 pages, $15.50 list
Feeding the Ghosts
A literary venture into the economic shadow that slavery cast, Feeding the Ghosts, based on a true story, lays bare the raw business of the slave trade. The Zong, a slave ship packed with captive African “stock,” is headed to the New World. When illness threatens to disable all on board and cut potential profits, the ship’s captain orders his crew to throw the sick into the ocean. After being hurled overboard, Mintah, a young female slave taken from a Danish mission, is able to climb back onto the ship. From her hiding place, she rouses the remaining slaves to rebel and stirs unease among the crew with a voice and conscience they seem unable to silence. Mintah’s courage and others’ reactions to it unfold in a suspenseful story of the struggle to live even when threatened by oblivion.
“Thank you so much for putting this great book back in print. It is a rich, fascinating novel that opens up the topic of the Atlantic world and the slave trade beautifully.” — Katie Simon, Georgia College

“Luminous . . . D’Aguiar brings a subtle but powerful voice to work that enlarges our customary perception of masters and slaves.” —New York Times Book Review

“Out of this monstrous episode in a monstrous trade, D’Aguiar has fashioned a novel of great power and beauty. . . . The writing is luminous and poetic.” —Sunday Times (London)

“The most satisfying aspects of the story are D’Aguiar’s precise observations of the resonances of languages and its capacity to transform what it describes.” —Times Literary Supplement

“His eloquence in full flight, D’Aguiar implies that there is always a Zong at sea somewhere.” —Saturday Independent