Mandragola:  by Niccolò  Machiavelli (translated by Mera J. Flaumenhaft)
57 pages, $12.95 list
A superior treatment of Machiavelli’s minor masterpiece! Flaumenhaft’s beautifully crafted, literal translation aims to capture the original intent of the playwright. Machiavelli himself distinguished carefully between translations and revisions; thus, Flaumenhaft finds a faithful translation essential to conveying Machiavelli’s thought and to allowing direct access to the work. The Prologue explores the relationship between Machiavelli’s stage comedies—part of the Comedia Erudita of the Italian Renaissance—and his political books. Mandragola focuses on the interplay between personal and political ethics, a major theme throughout his works. The translation includes helpful notes that clarify allusions, language, and context. Names of characters and places, titles and forms of address, and some familiar Italian words and phrases remain in Italian. Passages in Latin, as well as idioms, are reproduced in the notes.
“Flaumenhaft’s translation is the best English-language version of this work available.” — Robert Grudin, University of Oregon

“Finally, a reasonably priced, accessible translation of Machiavelli’s witty and insightful play.” — Brian Weiner, University of San Francisco

“A lucid, enjoyable translation. The play is accessible without compromising the integrity of the text or the author’s intention. It also has a nice ‘Renaissance’ quality.” — Bonnie M. Anderson, San Diego State University

“The text reads quite well—lively without being too contemporary, thus making it feel familiar and exotic at the same time.” — Steven Isaac, Northwestern College

“Excellent for undergraduate drama and theatre courses. Highly readable and playable translation.” — Rakesh Solomon, Indiana University

“Great translation of a classic in an affordable format!” — Jakub Grygiel, Johns Hopkins University

“Fine translation in a student-friendly package.” — Richard C. Hoffmann, York University