The Sacred Monkeys of Bali:  by Bruce P. Wheatley
189 pages, $30.95 list
The Sacred Monkeys of Bali
The Sacred Monkeys of Bali is a unique, well-researched book about the long-tailed macaques of Bali and how the Balinese integrate these sacred monkeys into their worldview. Unique because it is the first time a primatologist has incorporated the human element into research, this short volume clearly records precise analysis of long-tailed macaque behavior and then describes corresponding alterations in human behavior caused by the presence of the monkeys. This juxtaposition of human culture and monkey culture—of human primates and nonhuman primates—demonstrates that habitats where humans live together with monkeys actually may be more harmonious than they are disruptive.

In brilliant chapters on the history and aesthetics of Bali, Wheatley shows how the island’s art is part of its religious lore and practices. The chapter on the social behavior of the long-tailed macaques at the Monkey Forest at Padangtegal contains entirely new information on the species, including aspects of their dominance behavior, appeal-aggression, vocalizations, and intertroop behavior. In addition, the book extends beyond the field of anthropology to include such topics as conservation, ecology, and tourism. This is a profound, mature study of a land that is developing and a tradition of worship that struggles to adapt and stay strong. It is a wonderful illustration of how anthropologists can work together with local people for the welfare of all—the local people, the animals, and the forest.
Table of Contents

1. Bali, the Monkey King
The Island of Bali / The Naming of Bali / The Arts of Bali / The Ramayana / Worldviews / A Western View of the Universe: Humanity Apart from Nature / A Balinese/Javanese View of the Universe / Balinese Monkeys: Animals or Gods? / The Liminality of Monkeys

2. Primate Commensalism
Human Influences on Macaca fascicularis / Indonesian Borneo / The Antiquity of Primate Commensalism in Southeast Asia / Ngeaur Island, Republic of Palau / The Monkey Forest in Padangtegal, Ubud, Bali / Diet of the Monkeys in the Monkey Forest / Cultural Behaviors of the Monkeys in the Monkey Forest

3. Social Behavior of Temple Monkeys at Padangtegal
Introduction / Behavior and Dominance / Coalitions and Appeal Aggression / Grooming and Rank / Infant Handling and Lethal Kidnapping / Dominant Males / Male Affiliative Behavior / Sexual Behavior / Summary of Male Rank and Sexual Behavior / Birth Season / Vocalizations / Intertroop Behavior

4. The Sacred Monkey Forest at Padangtegal
The District or Regency of Gianyar / Ubud, a Subdistrict of Gianyar / Monkey Forests / Tri Hita Karana / The Questionnaire and Community Attitudes / The Sacred Monkey Forest: The Managerial Committee and Conservation

5. Cultural Primatology
Appendix: The Vocal Repertoire of M. fascicularis at the Monkey Forest at Padangtegal