Western Fertilizer Handbook:  by   Western Plant Health Association
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Western Fertilizer Handbook
Tenth Edition
For almost 70 years, agronomists throughout the western United States have relied on the Western Fertilizer Handbook for the most accurate information to maintain efficient and profitable growing programs. The Tenth Edition carries this tradition forward with continued emphasis on sustainable uses of fertilizers. The expert team of contributors has updated the book’s content to address current challenges facing western agriculture. Additional material has been added on micro-irrigation; soil, water, and tissue analysis; remote sensing of crop nutrient and water status; and agronomic decision support software.
Table of Contents
1. Principles of Plant Growth
2. Essential Plant Nutrients
3. Soils
4. Water and Plant Growth
5. Fertilizers
6. Soil Amendments
7. Sources of Nutrients for Organic Production
8. Formulation, Storage, and Handling
9. Application
10. Soil and Plant Analysis
11. Nutrient Management
Appendix A: Useful Tables and Conversions
Appendix B: How to Measure Areas
Appendix C: Tissue Analysis Guidelines for Many Western Crops