Drugs and Development: The Global Impact on Sustainable Growth and Human Rights by Merrill  Singer
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Drugs and Development
The Global Impact on Sustainable Growth and Human Rights
2005 recipient of the Society for the Anthropology of North America’s Prize for Distinguished Achievement in the Critical Study of North America
2005 recipient of the Society for Medical Anthropology’s Practicing Medical Anthropology Award

In a globalized world, people, ideas, organizations, and commodities—including drugs—flow rapidly from place to place and are tied together through the market, advanced communication systems, and rapid transportation technologies. Drug distribution and use both reflect and reinforce an exploitive political economy that has connected the West with developing nations since the rise of capitalism.

Singer’s fast-moving, authoritative treatment examines the impact of legal and illegal drug distribution and use on relations among richer and poorer nations, in particular their influence on social and economic development in the Third World. Guided by a critical perspective and drawing on his own crosscultural research in Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, Singer analyzes drug-related developmental challenges around the world and assesses the impact of licit and illicit drug use, drug trafficking, the War on Drugs, and drug-related health consequences like HIV/AIDS.
“An insightful and critical analysis of legal and illicit drug marketing within the contexts of the colonial legacy and neoliberalism as factors in continued Third World underdevelopment and violations of human dignity in lesser-developed nations.” — Hans Baer, University of Melbourne
Table of Contents
1. The Impact of Drugs in the Developing World
Development in an Imperfect World / The Role of Drugs in the Development of Underdevelopment / Drugs as Barriers to Development / Challenges of the Millennium Development Goals

2. Global Drug Capitalism
The Emergence of Drugs as Global Commodities / Drugs and the First Wave of Globalism / Drugs and the Second Wave of Globalism / Global Trends in Contemporary Drug Use

3. The Impacts of Drugs on Development
Complexities of Drugs and Development / Barriers to Development / Corruption and the Breakdown of Social Institutions / Health Consequences / Violence / Addressing Both Sides of the Drug Threat

4. International Drug Control Policy and National Development
Common Goals or Cross-Purposes? / Drug Control Efforts in Four Developing Nations / Drug Control: A Historic Perspective / The Impact of the U.S. War on Drugs on Developing Nations / Toward Alternative Approaches