Dance a While: A Handbook for Folk, Square, Contra, and Social Dance by Anne M. Pittman, Marlys S. Waller, Cathy L. Dark
580 pages, $87.95 list
Dance a While
A Handbook for Folk, Square, Contra, and Social Dance
Tenth Edition
The Tenth Edition of Dance a While continues the 65-year legacy of a textbook that has proven to be the standard of all recreational dance resources. The authors have poured decades of experience and knowledge onto its pages, providing a wealth of direction on American, square, contra, international, and social dance.

Each chapter is packed with expertly written instruction, coupled with clear and detailed diagrams and informative history, to provide students with well-rounded training on over 260 individual dances. The book also contains a music CD to allow for convenience when practicing outside of the classroom, helping to make it an invaluable resource for students of dance at all levels.
“Thank you for continuing to publish this useful resource for dance educators and physical education professionals. It is very useful to teach a wide variety of dances, especially traditional dances.” — Ann Huntoon, Indiana University

“I love this book. It is so thorough and has so many different styles of dance. It is extremely handy and I also love the companion CD! What a treasure.” — Jennifer Mizenko, University of Mississippi

“Thank you for sending the newest version of Dance A While. This is the best and most thorough book yet. Also, I am so pleased that you included a CD with the music. For our teacher education students this will be a valuable resource.” — Rin Seibert, Valparaiso University
Table of Contents
1. History
The Beginning / Forms / Music / Cultural Significance / Dance in Today's World

2. Effective Group Instruction
The Effective Instructor / Why Dance? / Purpose of Dance / Facilities / Equipment / Music / Planning Instruction / Orientation to the Dance Class / Class Procedure / Organizing Special Activities

3. Dance Fundamentals
Rhythm and Meter / Analysis of a Basic Rhythm / Fundamental Locomotor Movements / Basic Dance Steps / Suggestions for Teaching Basic Dance Steps / Procedure for Teaching Basic Dance Steps and Turns / Dance Formations / Dance Positions / Guidelines for Reading Dance Directions / Music in Relation to Dance / Dance Style

4. American Dance Sampler
Dances from the European Courts to the American Ballrooms / The Unique Contributions of African Americans / The Spanish-Mexican Influence / Dance Styles of the People / Music / Dress / A Social Occasion / Revival of Folk Traditions / The Melting Pot versus Ethnic Identity / Play Party Games: Dance for Children / A Selection of American Dances / Nonpartner Dances / Partner Dances and Mixers / Cajun Dance / Country Western Dance / Folk Dance from the Hawaiian Islands

5. Square Dance
History / Teaching Square Dance / Big Circle Square Dance / Basic Movements for Square Dancers / Organizing Squares and Changing Partners / Square Dances: Patter and Singing Calls

6. Contra Dance
History / Contra Dance Basics

7. International Folk Dance
Introduction / Folk Dance Movement / Understanding Folkways Enhances Dance / Africa / Alpine Region: Switzerland, Austria, and Germany / Balkan Countries / British Isles / Canada / China / Czech Republic and Slovakia / France / Guam / Hungary / Israel / Italy / Japan / Lithuania / Mexico / Philippines / Poland / Romania / Russia / Scandinavia / South America

8. Social Dance
Introduction / Teaching Social Dance / Style in Social Dance / Dance Positions / Swing (Jitterbug) / Line Dance / Foxtrot / Tango / Waltz / Cha Cha / Mambo / Merengue / Rumba / Salsa / Samba

Appendix A: Periodicals
Appendix B: Organizations and Resources
Appendix C: Record, CD, Cassette, and Video Sources—Distributors and Producers
Appendix D: Instructional Aids—Music and Videos