Speaking Clearly: Improving Voice and Diction by Jeffrey C. Hahner, Martin A. Sokoloff, Sandra L. Salisch
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Speaking Clearly
Improving Voice and Diction
Sixth Edition
The Sixth Edition of Speaking Clearly guides readers through the challenging process of learning new speech behaviors as well as changing old ones. It will help readers achieve significant and lasting changes in voice and diction. Some of the valuable tools in the text include:
• Voice and diction drills in increasing order of difficulty;
• Ear training techniques;
• A pronunciation list of frequently mispronounced words;
• Theory and drills on all of the component sounds of American English;
• An appendix covering foreign accents; and
• Icons in the text refer to the relevant Speech Lab segments.
Included with Speaking Clearly is the Speech Lab—an integrated CD audio program that provides drill materials for diction, voice, and vocal expression.
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Objectives / The Communication Process / Summary / Suggested Readings

2. Dealing with Nervousness
Objectives / Stage Fright Defined / What Causes Stage Fright? / Physical Symptoms of Stage Fright / What Can You Do about Stage Fright? / Summary / Suggested Readings

3. The Speech Process
Objectives / The Nature of Sound / The Speech Process / Summary / Suggested Readings

4. The Sounds of American English
Objectives / Speech Comes First / Classification of Sounds / Phonetic Transcription Practice / Regional Dialects / Phonetic Transcription Practice Answers


5. Improving Diction: The Basics
Objectives / How to Do It / Special Speech Problems

6. The Consonants: Plosives
Objectives / General Instructions

7. The Consonants: Fricatives

8. The Consonants: Nasals, Glides, Laterals, and Affricates
Objectives / Nasals / Glides / Laterals / Affricates

9. The Vowels and Diphthongs
Objectives / Front Vowels / Back Vowels / Mid Vowels / Diphthongs / [ɚ] Diphthongs

Part 3: VOICE

10. Voice Production
Objectives / Guide to Voice Production Exercises / Breathing / Loudness / Pitch / Quality

11. Vocal Expressiveness
Objectives / Reading Aloud / Components of Vocal Expression / Integration

Appendix A: Pronunciation Guide
Appendix B: Guide to Foreign Accents
Appendix C: Diagnostic Materials and Speech Checklists