Inviting Transformation
Presentational Speaking for a Changing World
Third Edition
The third edition of Inviting Transformation continues to offer a refreshing, innovative approach to public speaking, or what the authors call presentational speaking to acknowledge that not all important speaking occurs in formal public settings. The book introduces readers to invitational rhetoric, a mode of communicating that offers an effective response to the diversity that characterizes the world. In an invitational approach, speakers communicate not to win or to prove superiority but to clarify ideas and to achieve understanding for all participants in an interaction.

Respect for the diversity of the world also is emphasized in the book in that the traditional speaking model has been expanded to include speaking options that characterize diverse cultural groups. For all of the processes of presenting—such as selecting a speaking goal, organizing ideas, elaborating on ideas, and delivering the presentation— the book includes and validates more inclusive speaking practices.

Sample presentations reflect concepts presented in the text, providing clear and contemporary examples of the best invitational speaking practices. The exceptionally accessible writing style and reasonable price make this concise text attractive for students and instructors alike.
“The most erudite and sensible textbook for Public Speaking I have examined. Even the price is exceptionally reasonable.” — Gunter Wall, Indiana University Southeast

“Excellent text. Covered a wide variety of very current and usable speaking situations. Reads well—interesting—and I feel it can capture the interests of the student.” — Kay Robinson, Barton County Community College

“I appreciate the way the book helps students think through the multiple variables influencing speech effectiveness and develop strategies for meeting their goals.” — Amber Kinser, East Tennessee State University

“I like the approach used in this book. Most public speaking that will be done by college undergraduates in a business school will be focused on doing successful presentations or ‘talks’ as opposed to manuscript speeches.” — Joyce Mandell, Baruch College

“Foss & Foss offer a genuinely unique approach. This book stands out from all the others on the shelf. Every professor should own a copy and many should adopt it.” — George LaMaster, Marian University
Table of Contents
1. Inviting Transformation
2. Defining Presentational Speaking and Interactional Goals
3. Creating Environment
4. Focusing
5. Framing
6. Elaborating
7. Beginning and Ending
8. Connecting Ideas
9. Delivering
10. Assessing Choices
Sample Presentations