Business and Professional Communication: A Practical Guide to Workplace Effectiveness by Kathryn Sue Young, Howard Paul Travis
237 pages, $31.95 list
Business and Professional Communication
A Practical Guide to Workplace Effectiveness
Students preparing for a career in business and the professions have a valuable tool in this engaging overview of the skills needed to communicate successfully in every stage of professional life: securing a job, making a good first impression, and advancing into management and leadership positions. Writing in an informal, conversational style, the authors discuss the fundamentals of business communication in today’s global workplace, providing practical advice, meaningful applications, and sample documents to illuminate the discussion.

Young and Travis liken the career-building process to creating an image or brand that employers recognize as a good fit for their companies. They cover the outward “packaging” components like verbal ability and appearance, progressing to the critical follow-through skills that contribute to a consistent, professional image: interpersonal competency, excellent writing skills, technical proficiency, problem-solving ability, enthusiasm and flexibility, and a strong ethical foundation. Ethical Encounters boxes throughout challenge readers to make ethical choices, while objectives and key terms in each chapter frame and reinforce key concepts. Abundant exercises prompt readers to analyze their communication strengths and weaknesses and provide ample opportunities to apply the chapter content.
Table of Contents
1. Communicating for Career Success
Communication Essentials / The Importance of Appropriate Communication / Communication Components / Communication Situations / Communication Realities

2. Intrapersonal Examination
The Perceptual Process / Varying Perceptions / Perception Checking / Perception Related to Self-Concept / Perception Related to Self-Esteem / Values, Personal Qualities (Skills). and Communication Assessments

3. Job Searches, Résumés, and Cover Letters
Résumés / Cover Letters / Social Networking, References, and Job Searching

4. Interviewing
Preparing for an Interview / Types of Interviews / Making a Great Impression / Answering Questions Effectively / Communicating after the Interview

5. Basic Skills for the First Week
Impression Management and Branding / Stereotyping / Self-Disclosure / Observation / Listening / Face versus Inference / Attributing Meaning / The Art of Conversation / Technology in the First Week

6. Writing Skills and Technology for the First Week and Beyond
Basic Writing Skills / Types of Writing in the Workplace / Technology and the Workplace

7. Teamwork and Your Career
Distinguishing between Groups and Teams / An Effective Beginning / Task versus Social Elements of Teamwork / Followership—The Employee's Role / Interpersonal Skills in Teams / Planning and Running Meetings

8. Decision Making, Problem Solving, Leadership, and Management
Types of Decision Making / Problem-Solving Models / Leadership and Management / Leadership / Brief Overview of Leadership Theories

9. Presentational Speaking
Choose Your Purpose / Confirm Your Topic / Prepare Your Key, Goal, and Thesis / Research, Organize, and Outline / Practice and Delivery

10. Potentially Threatening or Uncomfortable Communication
Conflict in the Workplace / Conflict-Resolution Styles / Sexual Harassment / Performance Reviews

11. Good Things to Know Something About
Networks and Networking / Storytelling in Interpersonal Settings / Gender Communication / The Art of Business Dining

Appendix: Additional Resources