The Two Madonnas: The Politics of Festival in a Sardinian Community by Sabina  Magliocco
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The Two Madonnas
The Politics of Festival in a Sardinian Community
Second Edition
Portrayed by early travel writers as ancient pagan survivals, festivals in Sardinia have long fascinated both native islanders and outsiders. But at the dawn of the twenty-first century, this Mediterranean island has become part of a global economy, and its festivals attract tourists from around the world. This detailed ethnography explores the effects of globalization on two Sardinian festivals over the course of the twentieth century, reflecting the double pull of tradition and modernity on the popular imagination and their sometimes devastating effects on local cultures. It vividly and insightfully describes the continuing struggles of community members to shape and control these important expressions of local identity, as they strive to create a space for themselves in the margins of Europe.
“An engaging journey through methodology, ritual, and social change for Sardinia. The contrast for the readers to important elements of anthropology.” — Uzi Baram, New College of Florida

“With tact and sensitivity . . . Magliocco introduces us to the dynamics of indigenous cultural creativity. Her work is especially rich in insight into the lives and aspirations of village women.” — Michael Herzfeld, Harvard University

“We are used to reading about festivals as expressing, symbolizing, or mediating pre-existing social conflict. Here we get a straighter story, and one that has taken some courage to write.” — Dorothy Noyes, Ohio State University
Table of Contents
1. Festivals, Social Transformation, and Conflict
Festivals and Economic Transformation / Festivals and Social Conflict

2. Monteruju between Two Worlds
Background Factors / A Changing Economy / A Changing Society / Society and Conflict in Monteruju / A Changing Identity

3. Festivals in Sardinia: History and Organization
The Traditional Year Cycle / The Year Cycle Today / Types of Festivals in Sardinia / Organizing the Festival / Financing the Festival / The Festa System and the Consumer Economy

4. La Madonna Assunta: A Festival in Flux
The Feast of the Assumption / The Form and Program Structure of the Festival / Private Festivities

5. Santa Maria di Runaghes: A Festival in Resurgence
History and Diffusion / Gender Roles and Power on the Komitatu / The Individual, Community, and Tradition

6. The Politics of Festival
Power and Negotiation in the Komitatu / Politics and Conflict in the Komitatu: Santa Maria in 1986 / Festas, Politics, and Power / The Politicization of Festival / Two Festas, Two Realities

Glossary of Sardinian and Italian Terms