A First Course in Discrete Mathematics:  by John C. Molluzzo, Fred  Buckley
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A First Course in Discrete Mathematics
This highly regarded work fills the need for a treatment of elementary discrete mathematics that provides a core of mathematical terminology and concepts as well as emphasizes computer applications. Includes numerous elementary applications to computing and examples with solutions.
Table of Contents
1. Number Systems
The Binary System / The Octal and Haxadecimal Systems / The Integers / The Real Numbers / Case Study: Computer Arithmetic: Binary Numbers / Case Study: Computer Arithmetic: Floating-Point Numbers / Case Study: Computer Arithmetic: Floating-Point Arithmetic / Case Study: Memory Addressing and Data Encoding

2. Sets and Logic
Sets and Elements / Subsets / Venn Diagrams / Intersections, Unions, and Complements / Conjunction, Disjunction, and Negation / Conditional and Biconditional Statements / Tautologies and Contradictions / Logical Implication and Decision Tables / Case Study: Searching and Sorting

3. Combinatorics
Mathematical Induction / Permutations / Combinations / Binomial Coefficients / Distributions / Case Study: Correctness of Algorithms / Case Study: Introduction to Algorithm Analysis

4. Probability
Finite Probability / Conditional Probability and Independence / Compound Experiments and Repeated Trials / Random Variables and Expected Value / Case Study: Random Numbers and Simulation

5. Relations and Functions
Relations / Functions / Graphs of Functions / Three Classes of Functions / Operations on Functions: Inverses / Case Study: Computer Functions / Case Study: Algorithm Analysis: Orders of Magnitude / Case Study: Cryptography

6. Vectors and Matrices
Matrices and Arrays / Matrix Multiplication / The Inverse of a Matrix and Determinants / Case Study: Stacks, Queues, and Deques / Case Study: Implementation and Comparison of Sorting Algorithms

7. Boolean Algebra
Boolean Algebras and Their Properties / Boolean Functions / Karnaugh Maps and Prime Implicants / Minimizing Boolean Functions and Expressions / Case Study: Switching Theory

8. Graph Theory
Graphs and Digraphs / Basic Definitions / Classes of Graphs / Matrices Associated with Graphs / Connectivity / Traversing Graphs / Case Study: Heap Sort / Case Study: The Critical Path Method