Policing: Continuity and Change by Geoffrey P. Alpert, Roger G. Dunham, Meghan S. Stroshine
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Continuity and Change
Building on the successful foundation of Policing Urban America, the authors have collaborated on this concise text to offer readers a solid overview of police work today. Policing: Continuity and Change combines theory, research, policy, and practical experience in a very readable presentation of the current context of policing. Readers can track the evolution of policing from its origins in London through possibilities for the future, as the police respond to demands for accountability and learn to utilize technology to their advantage. Discussions about recruitment, socialization, and organization delineate who the police are and what they do. The text emphasizes the proactive skills officers need to solve problems and to interact with community members. In addition to describing the functions of the police, the book explores challenges facing police officers, including corruption, stress, use of force, and police pursuits. After discussing the many facets of being a police officer, the book concludes with a chapter on available employment opportunities.
“I found that the text is very informative and brings to light several issues within policing that are not addressed in other texts. It is an easy to read and understand book without convoluting the subject matter.” — Richard Coletti, Quincy College

“Past texts used for my class failed to have sufficient details on issues that are important for the student. This text offers more substance and information, presenting more educational directions for the student.” — William F. Scherfel, Kent State University

“Well written, concise discussions on policing from a community policing perspective.” — Stephen Hennessy, St. Cloud State University

“Drawing on much of classical and contemporary literature on American policing, this text presents the police institution in a succinct and very readable manner. All the topics of traditional introductory policing texts are covered without a resort to the gimmickry of standard texts in the field.” — Michael E. Meyer, University of North Dakota

“The text is well planned and organized in a logical and easy-to-follow format, thus allowing it to be an easy read for the new criminal justice professional. Each topic provides an in-depth and insightful view of relevant issues facing the criminal justice system today. It provides a solid foundation from which professionals can build.” — Chris Spencer, Lorain County Community College
Table of Contents

1. Police and the Criminal Justice System
Who Are the Police? / Social Control / The Myth of Crime Fighting / If Not Crime Fighting, What? / The Police in Context

2. History of the Police
British Heritage / The First Modern Police: London / Experience in Early America / Policing in the Twentieth Century / Emerging Issues / The Research Era / The History of the Future

3. Police Recruitment, Selection, and Training
Legal Issues Surrounding Recruitment and Selection / Recruiting Police Officers / Qualifications for Police Officers / The Selection Process / Police Training / Summary

4. Police Socialization and the Police Subculture
Are the Police Different? / Socialization / The Police Subculture / The Nature of the Work / The Persons and Problems Police Encounter on the Job / The Police Environment / The Changing Face of American Police / Summary

5. Police Organization and Administration
Police Bureaucracy / Police Operations: The Nuts and Bolts of Policing / Police Organization / Police Bureaucracy in Action / Organizational Change / Summary

6. Police Deviance: Corruption and Control
Defining Police Deviance and Corruption / Types of Corruption / Causes of Corruption / Controlling Police Deviance and Corruption / Summary

7. Patrol, Discretion, and Styles of Policing
Discretion / Functions of the Police / Institutional Behavior / Individual Styles / Sources of Variation / Evaluating Police Services: A Consumer’s Perspective / Summary

8. The Hazards of Police Work
Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted in the Line of Duty / Police Stress / Consequences of Stress / Solutions / Summary

9. Critical Issues in Policing
Minorities in Policing / Women in Police Work / The Use of Force / Police Pursuits / Civil Lawsuits / Summary

10. The Future of Policing
Community Policing/Problem Solving / Responding to Greater Demands for Accountability / Technology / Summary

11. Careers in Law Enforcement
Trends in Law Enforcement Careers / Important Concerns in Choosing a Career in Police Work / Types of Law Enforcement Careers / Employment Outlook / Summar