An Introduction to General American Phonetics:  by Charles G. Van Riper, Dorothy E. Smith
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An Introduction to General American Phonetics
Third Edition
Since the first edition was published in 1954, this outstanding work has consistently served as a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow guidebook to general American phonetics. Included are chapters dealing with the transcription of on-going speech, narrow transcription, normal and deviant allophones, and information on how speech sounds are produced, as well as an examination of the linguistic principles that have come to play a prominent role in modern speech pathology. The application of phonemics and phonetics to the understanding of the problems of deviant speech and language, foreign accent, and dialect enhance reader comprehension in these areas. Numerous exercises and self-checking tests are provided to help readers gain both practical experience and an accurate idea of their progress. The reading passages and transcription material provided are attractive and designed to help students facilitate their mastery of both.
“I love the organization of the text for my introduction class in phonetics. There are wonderful exercises usually reserved for a separate workbook embedded in the actual lecture materials. I am never satisfied with phonetics books on the market, but I must say this text is my absolute first choice. I can visualize my students being engaged in it.” — Gale Isaacs, Elizabeth City State University
Table of Contents
1. The Phonetic Alphabet as a Tool
2. The Sounds of American English
3. The International Phonetic Alphabet
4. The Familiar Consonantal Symbols
5. Some Vowels
6. The Unfamiliar Consonantal Symbols
7. More Vowels and Diphthongs
8. Transcribing Connected Speech
9. Narrow Transcription
10. American Dialects and Standards of Pronunciation
11. Abnormal Speech and Foreign Dialect
12. Exercises for Practice and Review