Health Communication: Theory and Practice by Gary L. Kreps, Barbara C. Thornton
233 pages, $35.95 list
Health Communication
Theory and Practice
Second Edition
Presenting the essentials of communication theory in practical terms for members/consumers of the health care professions! Human communication performs an integral role in the delivery of health care and the promotion of health. The ability to communicate directly affects our ability to maintain our health and to help others do the same. Yet, rather than being a focal point in health care, communication is often taken for granted in the health care system.

The First Edition of Health Communication was written to help correct this lack of emphasis. The Second Edition enhances its previous discussion of developing effective provider/consumer relationships, health care teams, and health care interviews by including new concepts. The revision emphasizes ethical health communication, intercultural and interprofessional exchanges, the use of communication to promote health, the importance of information in health care, the creation of communication campaigns, and the increasing role of technology. Case histories that describe a wide range of health care situations are integrated into each chapter. Health Communication, 2/E covers a wide variety of topics in a well-organized, easy-to-understand format.
Table of Contents
1. Communication in Health Care
2. Health Communication and Processes and Theories
3. The Interpersonal Health Communication Context
4. Group Communication in Health Care
5. Organizational Communication in Health Care
6. Health Communication Messages and Media
7. Culture and Health Communication
8. Ethical Communication in Health Care
9. Communication and Health Promotion