Digital Radio Production:  by Donald W. Connelly
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Digital Radio Production
Third Edition
Today’s broadcasting students need a well-balanced, hands-on, and relevant guide to the radio industry. Digital Radio Production provides exactly that, and more. Employing a holistic approach, Connelly shares his 20 years of experience and invaluable insights on the production person’s role in a radio station. His extensive knowledge of sales, promotion, programming, announcing, and social media is thoughtfully revealed within the structures of both large and small markets. The text also focuses on the latest technologies and trends in combination with core concepts vital to a successful career in radio.

Fully updated, the Third Edition enhances students’ technical skills and knowledge of digital audio, recording, storage, audio processing, and special effects. Each chapter features suggested activities outside the classroom, key informative websites, and a glossary of industry terms. The text is accompanied by 93 audio examples of virtually every aspect of radio production (from microphone techniques to commercial production samples), an outstanding selection of production music that can be creatively reworked and transformed, and a custom studio-tracking session with suggested activities.

Access audio examples, production music, and a custom studio-tracking session here.
“I used different texts over the years, but once I made the change to Digital Radio Production I haven’t switched. It’s comprehensive, detailed, and easy to understand. The audio examples and music files are helpful in and out of class.” — Kevin Ankeny, SUNY, Adirondack Community College

“Timely update to a very solid text.” — Dale Van Cantfort, Piedmont College

“This is a wonderful piece of work. I truly believe it has the potential to be the radio production text . . . against which all others will be measured.” —David Sabiani, Indiana State University

“Simply the best textbook on the subject. Connelly covers all of the important topics that are relevant to today’s radio student and does not waste paper or ink on outdated, insignificant material.” —Brian Wardyga, Lasell College

“It is by far the most accurate and detailed book for radio out there. I use the audio examples in class frequently. Connelly’s real-world experiences give the text credibility. Having worked in commercial radio for thirteen years, I found his observations to be accurate and insightful, while practical as well.” — Joe Rinehart, Mt. Vernon Nazarene University
Table of Contents
1. The Production Person
Introduction / The Role of the Radio Production Person / The Radio Station as an Organization / The Radio Team in Action

2. Basic Science: Analog and Digital Audio
Introduction / It's an Analog World / It's a Digital World

3. Microphones and Their Role in Radio Production
Microphones as Transducers / Electrostatic Microphones / Microphone Pickup or Directional Patterns / Factors to Consider in Selecting a Microphone / Gain Staging / Microphone Mounts / Shock Mounts / Microphone Placement / Windscreens and Pop Filters / Microphone Cables / Microphone Connectors / Microphone Preamplifiers / Special-Purpose Microphones / Wireless Microphones / Making the Final Selection

4. Control, Mixing, and Monitoring
Operational Theory / On-Air Consoles / Production Consoles / Virtual Control Consoles / Portable Mixers / Monitors

5. Basic Concepts in Digital Recording
Digital Recording / Digital Audio Software: Using a Computer as a Recorder / Project Backup and Storage / The Digital Recording Process / Digital Recording Media

6. Audio Processing
An Introduction to Audio Processing / Dynamic Processing / Frequency Equalization / Dimension / Normalizing / Voice Processors / Effects Processors / Broadcast Audio Processing / Webcast Audio Processing

7. The Art of 60-Second Storytelling
Production as a Part of the Sales Process / Turning a Sales Order into a Working Commercial / Record Keeping and Archiving

8. Producing Commercials, Promos, and News
Talent / Production Preplanning / Production / News Production

9. Communicating with the Listener: Announcing
Communicating On Air / Working with Producers, Consultants, and Production Directors / An Announcer's Basic Tools of Communication / Your Personality

10. Promotion and Station Imaging
Station Promotion / Station Imaging / Contest Promotion

11. Fieldwork: Taking the Station on Location
Location Planning / Remote Broadcast Transmission Methods / Producing Audio for Remotes

12. The Web
Background / Competing with Another Medium / Radio and the Web / How Radio Uses the Web / Audio Production for the Web / Streaming

13. From Here to There: Radio and Audio Transmission in a Digital World
Audio Transmission on the Web / Data Compression and Transfer / Analog Radio Transmission / AM and FM HD Radio Technology / HD Radio Production, a New Dimension / Satellite Radio Services

14. Programming, Production, and Measuring Success
Nielsen Audio Ratings / Music and Format Selection / The Program Director's Duties / Format Delivery

15. Getting Your First Job in Radio
Internship: Get a Jump on the Competition / Social Media / Resume / Audition / Packaging Your Application

Appendix: Digital Radio Production Audio and Music Demo Cuts