Cooperative Argumentation: A Model for Deliberative Community by Josina M. Makau, Debian L. Marty
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Cooperative Argumentation
A Model for Deliberative Community
As the globe shrinks, it is more important than ever to search for and discover ways for diverse groups to coexist peacefully. This salient, well-researched text offers a practical guide for understanding and learning the skills and knowledge needed to participate effectively in cooperative argumentation—a model for deliberative community. Developing the capacity to engage meaningfully and successfully in cooperative argumentation across differences prepares individuals for ethical and effective deliberation in diverse twenty-first-century contexts. The authors use a wide variety of examples to illustrate concrete proposals for cultivating moral abilities, cognitive skills, and communicative virtues.
Cooperative Argumentation will serve as a friendly nudge in the direction of thinking about how traditionalism can be recast in terms of cooperation and consensus building. For those looking for a text that reflects a straightforward commitment to values such as building deliberative communities, this text will be a welcome addition to the available resources.” —Argumentation and Advocacy
Table of Contents
1. Critical Thinking
2. Ethical and Effective Dialogue
3. Cooperative Argumentation
4. Elements of Argumentation
5. Context and the Deliberative Community
6. Ethical Advocacy in Deliberative Communities
7. Evaluating Arguments