On Deadline: Managing Media Relations by Carole M. Howard, Wilma K. Mathews
240 pages, $35.95 list
On Deadline
Managing Media Relations
Fifth Edition
Media relations professionals must know how to stay ahead of the game to be effective in today’s complex world. It is no longer enough that they craft news releases, orchestrate interviews and build sustaining relationships with reporters. Their multiple roles now include planner, crisis manager, communicator, counselor and strategist.

Called “virtually an encyclopedia of media relations” by one reviewer, the Fifth Edition covers relationships with reporters, spokesperson training, news conferences and special events, integrating media relations into marketing communications plans, crisis management, global media relations, ethics, establishing a media policy within the organization, measuring results and becoming a counselor to management. Its practical advice and how-to ideas draw on current case studies, most involving social media, and the authors’ extensive experience in the U.S. and around the world.

With a clear and fast-moving style, the Fifth Edition maintains its status as the foremost book on media relations in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. It is a must-read for prospective and current media relations professionals dedicated to maximizing their organization’s results.
“An excellent supplemental, practical text for general public relations courses. It is easy to read and makes a good reference for any PR professional.” — Terri Cornwell, Lynchburg College

“Fantastic! I think my students will really appreciate its practical, down-to-earth approach.” — Jessalynn Strauss, Xavier University

On Deadline is a great, informative book that will serve as a long-term reference for young professionals.” — Bonnye Stuart, Winthrop University

“I admire the authors’ focus on the relationships that are a part of the media relations process. It is a tremendous resource to students looking to build a manager’s perspective on the media relations process rather than the technician’s work. The new sections on social media are particularly instructive for the twenty-first century practitioner.” — Chris McCollough, Columbus State University

“I was in charge of media relations for the Ronald Reagan state funeral in 2004 and for outdoor games in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. This book highlights many of the same principles we applied at these global events. I have adopted it in my classes and recommend it to anyone wanting to mature in media relations.” — Peter Kerr, Asbury University

“No amount of formal professional training can adequately prepare one for the challenges of global media and public relations, particularly in a controversial industry. That’s where On Deadline comes to the rescue. A veritable ‘how-to’ on just about every aspect of strategic communications in a global environment, On Deadline is like having a professional mentor and media consultant on speed dial. Crammed cover to cover with practical examples and solutions and refined over many years of real-life experience, this valuable up-to-date reference guide will help any public relations practitioner—novice or seasoned—to traverse the bumpy road of professional communications. I speak from experience. As the head of public relations at Reader’s Digest South Africa in the 1980s and 1990s, I was privileged to work with Carole Howard, and to learn from her. That experience, coupled with having each successive edition of On Deadline within easy reach on my bookshelf, proved invaluable over the past eleven years working in the highly controversial communications environment of the global tobacco industry.” — Fay Kajee, British American Tobacco (Cape Town, South Africa)

“After working in the media relations arena for thirty years, I was impressed to see a textbook so organized that directs students on how to handle any media issue. Good job!” — Deb Skidmore, Kansas State University

“Loaded with well-written, how-to ideas from two media pros, this book pays for itself in five minutes.” — communications briefings

On Deadline is not a but the standard text on media relations. It is the only full-length text on the subject in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. On Deadline is a thorough, practical book that is written to appeal to both the college student and working professional.” — Public Relations Quarterly

“A resource fresh in insight and brimming with practical examples that will prove valuable to the novice and seasoned professional alike. . . . This book is not about publicity, it’s about strategy. It’s not about counting column inches, it’s about building a solid, results-oriented program geared to meeting a company’s business goals.” — IABC Communication World

“Every student of public relations, whether a seasoned practitioner or a first-year student, should read this book.” — Dr. Don Ranly, University of Missouri School of Journalism

“[Howard and Mathews] have more experience dealing with the media than do the staffs of many corporate PR departments. Their carefully focused book on this important function of public relations is one of the most comprehensive, practical and well-written presentations on media relations that we have.” — Ragan Report

Table of Contents
1. Getting Started: Setting Up Your Program
2. News: What It Is and How It Gets to the Public
3. Tools of the Trade: From ANRs to White Papers
4. Reporters: Helping Them Meet Their Objectives
5. Spokespersons: Training and Briefing Them for Their Role
6. Ethics: Technology and Common Sense
7. Media Events: How to Make Them Work for You
8. Going Global: How to Manage International Media Relations
9. Crisis Planning: How to Anticipate and Manage Emergency Situations
10. Measurement/Evaluation: How to Know if Your Program Is Working
11. The Future: Expanding Your Counselor Role